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Weird Video Game Machines of Yesteryear

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That triangular Telstar has been on my want list forever, but they are really hard to find (and spendy), especially if you want a box and all three "carts".  That made quite an impression on me in the displays at Montgomery Ward back before the 2600 came out. 


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On 5/7/2024 at 2:42 AM, - Ω - said:

Here's an odd one.  Of course the gun probably will not work with modern TV sets.


My cousins had a Telstar and a Sears heavy sixer. Their heavy was the first "Atari" that I ever saw and played and its the primary reason that I have one in my collection.

The Telstar was pretty cool. I hadn't thought of this console for a long time. Thanks for sharing the pick.👍


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