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  1. Previous video I forgot to post (WATCH VIDEO ABOVE IT IS MUCH BETTER )
  2. Opinions on EMULATION - What do YOU use? Been far to long! My NEW video. Be warned this is a ramble where I veer off on tangents and for those that have been with me for a while it is expected. Be sure to grab a beer / coffee and sit back and listen to my take on the topic of emulation ranging from my history to views on ethics and morality of emulation to thoughts on what I might like to try and finally PLEASE SHARE what you like to emulate and your personal favorite means of emulating. THANK YOU.
  3. Always a shame losing a good and talented contributor to our hobby. Shared by ALBERT YARRUSSO on FACEBOOK in the Atariage group - Albert Yarusso shared a link to the group: AtariAge. 1 hr · I have some very sad news to report. Ken Siders unexpectedly passed away at the early age of 49 several days ago. Ken was responsible for writing several homebrew games for the Atari 5200, 7800 and Atari 8-bit computers (mainly b*nQ and Beef Drop). Ken was kind and always very helpful to anyone who asked. He was a great contributor to the Atari community and will be missed. Link over @ Atariage for those interested. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/269359-ken-siders-has-passed-away/ The condolence page can be foundhttp://www.boydbornfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Kenneth-Siders/
  4. Excellent, it is the little aesthetic touches I love that can really make a system stand out but you know Justin this post comes with a extra benefit for me at least. I have several Colecovision controllers of various condition but I have a couple where that aluminum sticker on the top of the joystick (much like the 7800) is either very worn or damaged or in some cases entirely missing I I had been wondering for some time now HOW I can fix this and where would I even find aluminum stickers the exact size needed, Well looking out your parts list I see I can easily make them for myself!! Problem solved. THANKS. Hell I might do my 7800 controllers in the same fashion you outlined here as well, looks great and I always fine it cool to be just a little different than other people as you noticed people catch on pretty quick when something looks different form stock.
  5. Thank you Sir! It has literally been a desert the last couple weeks, hoping this is due to people being out and enjoying the heat! Look forward to sharing more nice discoveries in future. Fingers Crossed ! Myself I have never owned a PS3, they were soooo expensive when they debuted but given the option now I would probably grab one now before a PS4 lol. I Friggin LOVED the PS2 system and library and to me ot was such an advancement in video game tech.
  6. AWESOME RICK! Hahaha well I will check our electronics recycling bin daily no shame but I would be stunned to make such a find! CONGRATS ! It is karma I am sure.
  7. Mark the calendar I made a new video! Tales From Electronics Recycling like 7 or something. Published on Jun 29, 2017 Found something nice in the Electronics bin today so a good excuse to upload, say HI I AM ALIVE and test the webcam on my new DELL laptop! Win-Win!
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    Just various pics I choose to upload.
  9. Lazy Game Reviews Published on Jan 30, 2017 Radio Shack has reintroduced the classic Tandy brand for some of their computer products! Too bad they suck. Oh well, let's take a look at the 2017 Tandy wireless keyboard and mouse and play some Doom 2 with 'em.
  10. Always happy to see younger people into the classics, you are the guys keeping the memories alive after us Old fogies are dust ! Welcome!
  11. Another younger Youtuber into the classics! Always great to see.
  12. Sweet find for my collection! (Reveal @3min 43sec) THANKS! Description - Surprise RETRO GAMING find! Cool addition to the collection! Reluctantly decided to check our Electronics / Appliances Recycling Bin and to my surprise I was amazed to find a sweet addition to my Classic Gaming collection! Needless to say I will be checking it on a daily basis lol.
  13. Thanks so much guys Really appreciate it. Listen one last thing, likely I will not be nominated anytime soon and I one of my nominations win that would be cool BUT if I could ask for one last tiny favour? The last person I nominated was Fred / aka Gamingnight. See, he has been on youtube for years, his videos are not the fanciest and he has very few subscribers, I think he is a pretty shy and humble guy just sharing his hobbies (board and card games and classic games) I included him because after 7 years and 500 videos to date he has like 545 subscribers. I know he does not get a lot of recognition, no doubt he comes off as pretty geeky to many and yet there he is still plugging away, when I mentioned I had nominated him he had no idea what it was about, he seemed pretty shocked. I am pretty sure he has little chance to win let alone get many votes, I am not looking to "rig" anything, I honestly think if everyone here voted he would still likely lose to one of the other nominations so you know what I am asking, I think he would be absolutely over the moon for ANY votes he gets SO if any of you could do me a solid and click the link to this month video (I will add it below, it is the same as above "Youtuber of the Month 2016") and just comment you would like to vote for GAMINGNIGHT ! I am sure he expects little to no votes and I think it would mean more to him than anyone else, I will try to make this my last request, just want to pass on some good feeling and karma to a good generous fellow who gets little praise. THANKS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU5-oqMGGs0
  14. And here I am co-accepting Youtuber of the month. Thanks again all who voted. Note my segment starts @ 19 minutes into the video if you wish to see my acceptance and nominations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU5-oqMGGs0 Also note I give a thanks / Shoutout a couple times to Atari.io !
  15. Ah FAIR ENOUGH. That makes a lot more sense lol.
  16. Uhm, I post the same video at the start of this thread Lee............?
  17. GYCW is back with one of the most overlooked conversions of all time, the infamous Atari 2600 E.T. was actually ported to another system!
  18. WELL GANG FYI - MUCH to my surprise I was just messaged by Chris aka NovaBug, I TIED for YOUTUBER of the month, which is incredible considering how rarely I upload these days. TO BE CLEAR I TIED with Grubgun which is fine as I totally expected to lose by a landslide but thanks to my begging and all of you who took pity on me and voted I tied, we each got 36 votes I will follow up here when I make a video and nominate 5 others. Thanks again to all that voted, certainly the majority of votes came from here.
  19. Hey thanks,, I just looked in the comments on youtube and so glad I posted here, you guys at the very least saved me from total embarrassment lol. Too kind.
  20. This is not a thing or a big deal and pretty insignificant measured against just about anything BUT oddly I was nominated Youtuber of the Month in Novabugs monthly series. Last time this happened was years ago and I was up against Steve Benway so yeah I lost by a landslide lol. This time it is looking like Grubgun will trounce me soundly. Though I post in my timeline and various Facebook groups I don't expect THAT to help me so I am hoping here among friends I could ask some of you go to this video on youtube and in the comments simply post something like "I nominate MaximumRD for next Youtuber of the month" OR simply "I vote MaximumRD" in this way I will have at least a few votes, clearly I need not worry about making a acceptance speech but at the very least if I could at least get a few votes here and there wont be a complete slaughter. If you guys could throw me a bone, throw me a pity vote (I have no pride) that would be cool and appreciated. Thanks in advance. Here is video Is was nominated (I had voted for Kit and he won and so I am among his nominations) CLICK THIS LINK TO GO STRAIGHT TO VIDEO AND COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9bwmKDigsQ Thanks gang, I was not expecting to post this when I woke up but I seen this video and had a bunch of messages and notifications so thought I should address it. It is a crazy, hectic and unpleasant week I am trying to get through but if you guys could help me out that will be at least something pleasant.
  21. Awesome Pong Tabletop Game Created By Daniel Perdomo (video) Article for more detail - http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/awesome-pong-tabletop-game-created-by-daniel-perdomo-27-05-2016/
  22. So impressive what a good programmer can still coax out of the little old 2600 !
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