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  1. TheVgaTV is dedicated to preserving the memory of the classic video games from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. The highlight of the channel is the Atari 2600 Encyclopedia, which is a weekly show based on the book of the same name. In the coming months, more series will be launched that focus on the golden age of console gaming. Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVgaTV/featured not much so far but hopefully will continue with vids like this?
  2. Cool fellow here guys I know from Atariage and Facebook, talented homebrew programmer as well! THANKS FOR SHARING.
  3. All part of the fun! What a great age we live in that we can convert, restore, share and reach an audience like never before! Be sure to check out our dedicated thread to you http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/672-weird-paul/
  4. Whoa the man himself! I was very surprised when my notification said liked by Weird Paul I had to look twice lol I am honored, what a pleasant surprise. Hey man always enjoy your vids and I only wish I had recorded / archived as much from my own past. Great to have you here bud. But yeah whether analog video or even cassette tapes we always were trying to do something creative as well, being yourselves and having fun playing atari or making home movies lol.
  5. I did post this in the WEIRD PAUL thread however I felt it may go unnoticed as it was just a part of my comment in that thread, So just thought I would post it here since it certainly qualifies under my own Nostalgic Adventures & Memories HERE IS MY OWN "WEIRD PAUL" like video! FROM DESCRIPTION - OK TOTALLY off the cuff, I was not expecting to hear this news but but as a tribute I put this together, it was "rescued" form VHS tape back in the day, this is me and my buddy GORD back when the BEASTIE BOYS ruled we made this. NOW keep in mind the time, crappy Video camera and "editing" was done via analog 2 VCR's pausing and starting so all considered at our young and stupid and technically crippled stage I think we did pretty damn good lol! You will see just how crazy I was (not to mention slim) at that age and not exactly POLITICALLY CORRECT LOL! YES PETA might have had a few words with us but to be fair watch the whole thing the Rat got his revenge lol! Ah good times! This was copied from a BAD VHS original recording to a DVD recorder then imported to Cyberlink Power Director to edit together then into vReveal to enhance, this is as good as it get s so enjoy and RIP Adam Yauch you influenced us for better or worse! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=natHB_gzGVI
  6. As a great resource for ROMS / ISO's Homebrew / Emulators / Mods / Unreleased / Translations etc and at Yo-Yo's suggestion I am posting this info to share for those who might otherwise be wary of the site. PLEASE READ ALL FULLY. ESPECIALLY THAT BOLDED STUFF For everything mentioned including emulators already packed with associated ROMS my only and best resource is http :// www.theisozone.com / (no spaces of course) but that said WARNING - I have learned many times in past when saying this, this site is crazy with advertising , pop -ups etc, I AM TELLING YOU THIS UP FRONT, for me it was never an issue and in past when giving this site recommendation would get people come back complaining the site is malicious, it gave me this or that etc. YES the site does generate revenue through ads etc I have never noticed as I don't use IE on there, I use Chrome or Firefox with pop-up and adblockers add-ons like uBlock etc. SO, IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING and can navigate such sites securely and without worry then it is a hell of a resource. You find what you want, click the link for info and chose the FREE download link option, do NOT pick the ISO RECOMMENDS as that is for paid members, the FREE option download mirror on the RIGHT (see second example image) THAT will take you to a file download site FIREDROP (See 3rd example image) your download link will appear after a few seconds, click THAT and ONLY that, a window will appear and you select location to download to. For the record I am not trying to sound like a douche, if I am telling you things that are obvious to you or you think "I am not an idiot" please understand that is not the intention, I have just gotten shy about recommending such sites only to have people come back complaining about the ads, pops-ups, downloading malicious files etc, it used to surprise me honestly because I use to think "What the hell are you talking about?" then I tried the same thing in IE without pop up or ad blockers and I understood what they were complaining about lol. So no, this is not over kill, it is much needed advice for some as I have learned and frankly I would rather cover my butt than having someone complain later. Lastly, I will say well worth the effort to just use a little precaution, good to learn anyways because as a resource http :// www.theisozone.com / is just way above the other places where you might find an emulator here or a game there, or download every rom separate, on http :// www.theisozone.com / just download, unzip and burn to disc (I use ImgBurn for those tasks, google it, free, light and just works ) So I leave it at that, do or don't, research and learn and the rewards are well worth it IMHO. Tips - use search , works pretty good on the site if looking for a specific emulator or homebrew, most are usually full archived packages complete ready to burn and play. There is a nice forum community there as well. Some are probably tired of the "I CAN'T BURN THIS GAME!" or "HOW DO I UNZIP THAT?" type posts BUT if you tread lightly, ask nicely, be respectful and thankful you will find many helpful and friendly people as well. Get use to the layout, click the DOWNLOADS tab up top and find your category. IMPORTANT - I take the time and effort to present a great resource option for those up to it. Beyond that, if you chose to go this root I offer no other support, help etc, I simply do not have the time or frankly the motivation. I simply like people to be informed and aware of options whether or not it is right for you is your decision, if so you can find any further help or assistance in the forum guidelines and help as well as the community over there - THIS IS MY ONE AND ONLY POST LIKE THIS FOR THIS SITE, TAKE IT FOR WHAT IT IS. Before anyone complains or point it out YES there are a ton of ripped games / iso / roms commercial , retail of course, whatever your stance on this the site just so happens to also be an awesome hub / resource for Homebrew , Emulation , Hacked ROMS, Translated ROMS, Unreleased titles etc so that said you are your own moral guide and live by your own code and guidelines, keep it that way, do as you will (or don't) but as well do not inflict your morals on others. There is no pirating of current or last gen there as well you can read there forum rules regarding upload restrictions, this is there own set guidelines, accpet them and participate or don't, nobody is claiming they are 100% legit lol. - (FROM THE SITES RULES AND GUIDELINES) NOT ALLOWED - Any files related to current or last generation console or PC titles. Wii, WiiU, PSP, Vita, PS3, PS4, X360, XBONE Any games currently being sold by their rights holders. Cracks, Hacks, Serials related to current gen consoles or pc PSP retail Isos NDS Roms Released after 2008 PC Titles released after 2007 PC Titles which are available on Steam, Regardless of age. The original versions are OK But not the Steam versions. PS2 Titles that are new releases i.e Fifa 13 Homebrew titles which have been released by independent developers that are for sale Androids apps which are not freeware Iphone apps which are not freeware Linux software that isn't freeware GOG [Good Old Games] Titles - The original versions are OK But not the gog versions. Thanks! Enjoy or don't, I just want people to be aware of an awesome resource and then chose to follow of their own accord.
  7. Just another video of opportunity, seems the only ones I have time to do these days but eh check it out THANKS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDnQwV__Na4
  8. http://javatari.org/ Features and Highlights Javatari is now on HTML5/JS! No more need for the Java Plugin. Runs in any modern Web Browser. Tested in Chrome and Firefox. Real Atari Console user interface. All major ROM formats supported. Save and load Game States easily, or create a Save Game file. Support for Keyboard and Gamepad controllers. Full Screen mode. Visit the Project Homepage for changelog and release notes. New in version 0.9 Keyboard controls now configurable! Starpath/Arcadia ROM format support. Full Screen mode bugfix. Paddle analog control with Gamepad controllers. http://javatari.org/
  9. Just another cool looking 2600 HOMEBREW ROM ! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216430-mortal-kombat-netherrealm-journey-platformer/?p=2825274
  10. Traffic Cop is a new Atari 2600 homebrew game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vjUkm4vKmA&feature=youtu.be Published on Apr 16, 2015 Traffic Cop is a new Atari 2600 homebrew game. You can purchase a deluxe cartridge at: www.gooddealgames.com Standard cart will soon be here: www.packratvg and www.hozervideo.net Soon, a PC standalone version will be released with local and online multiplayer here: rhillfake.itch.io
  11. Odyssey 2 ports especially if enhanced seems like a great idea!
  12. Not a planned video at all but as I was downloading some games anyway figured I would switch on the camera and talk a bit about my JXD s7800b ANDROID GAMING DEVICE. Also I demonstrate some ZELDA A LINK TO THE PAST - GBA Emulation as well. Thanks for watching! http://youtu.be/AR2_Qq0QI2s Well what the heck, here is a 2nd unplanned video, seems the Dreamcast emulation was running pretty good after I downloaded IKARUGA for Dreamcast so I thought what the heck, I'll share a bit of that one with you all as well. http://youtu.be/-3IdVZ-egt8
  13. Well the title says it all, will share various videos of mine I think would be of interest to these forums THANKS. First up, Here is when I received my 5200 systems and accessories a few years ago followed by various related 5200 goodness! http://youtu.be/vWylDgzEKA4 Completing my 5200 collection with a very important accessory lol: http://youtu.be/_qjXCPE3Lxw ATARIMAX 5200 USB multicart. http://youtu.be/jjsx2kaYR4U Not JUST a 5200 VCS adaptor! http://youtu.be/euPsKcOPte8 INDSIDE the 5200 VCS Adaptor PLUS stand alone gameplay Demo. http://youtu.be/Q79DwRO4w7w Testing Atarimax 5200 USB cart and PC joystick adapter. http://youtu.be/vSX_EwtIAcc ATARI 5200 2 for 1 Gameplay video http://youtu.be/E6gJGoMO7m0
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