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  1. I need new controllers. I'm open to all suggestions.

    1. RickR


      Which system?


    2. Marco1019


      I apologize for not having expounded on my update. It'd be for 2600, C64, etc. I have a TAC-2 that doesn't go down (and I can't open it because the screws are stripped), a Slik Stik that doesn't go up (if this all reads as comical, then it's because it is), a Wico bat controller that's loose, and a 2600 controller that I updated via Best Electronics that is likely cracked inside. (I've yet to open it up and confirm because I'd likely stick it through my shredder at work.)


      I'm not claiming to be an expert gamer, but when you move your controller to the left, then whatever you are controlling should move to the left. It's not rocket surgery, right? Your object shouldn't go up or down, it should go left.

    3. RickR


      I think you should try fixing the TAC 2 or Wico, as I believe they both have leaf switches that can be easily repaired (cleaned or bent back into shape). 

      On those stripped screws, cut a piece of wide rubber band and stick it in the hole, then stick the screwdriver in and it should come out. 

      I am a big fan of the Flashback joysticks (the wired ones).  I find them all the time at Goodwill, and they work pretty nicely. 

      If you'd like an original tested and working, I can sell or trade one cheap. 


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