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  1. Sorry to bump an old thread... Those are only the mazes from Baby Pac-Man hacked into a Ms. Pac-Man / Pac-Man Collection binary. The *full* Baby Pac-Man game for the 7800 is on AtariAge: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/278165-baby-pac-man/
  2. Ha ha - thanks... 🙂 The maze collision routine would have to be completely re-written, as it doesn't work the way the arcade (or 7800 version for that matter) work. 😞 I'm not proficient enough in the 5200 to be able to do that. When I did Hangly Man on the 5200 I had to make changes to the maze layout to fit in the framework of how the maze collision worked there.
  3. I'd love to see Ms. Pac-Man on the 5200 redone in the same style as Pac-Man for that system... except with more forgiving collision detection... 😛
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