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  1. 🎬 DEFENDER 2000 drops today on The Jag Bar. 1st new Ep. since December 2016! Make sure you’re subscribed. New episodes coming all summer long: 


    1. atarilbc


      Great episode. 2000 has it's charms and is a bit easier with a ProController.  If the ship sprite were smaller and more of the map was viewable, 2000 would be a much better game.  For the Jag's classic updates, it ranks third for me behind Tempest 2000 and MC3D's "virtual" mode. 

      As it is, I agree that Plus is the best version on the cart. I love the psychedelic esthetic and balanced approach to updating the original with powerups and drone.  Not sure why they didn't implement music for Plus.  You might be right that it's the best way to play Defender. 

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