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MAD pickup


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Mad Magazine was the highlight of humor in the 70s.

I was kinda young when the first ones were dropped in front of me (was about 6-7), so only the wordless cartoons meant anything, but the different, highly-stylized drawings were a great thing to pore over.

It was like a reflection of the variety of life, the spicy differences that make us interesting to each other even as we dress the same or eat the same fried chicken.

It also nurtured my passion for movies, with its dead-on spoofing of famous hits with impressive caricatural depictions of the actors.

Basically 'watched' R-rated movies as a kid by reading Mad's take on them (although the spoofed content was PG, at worst).


Today, Sergio Aragones is my fave artist with his continuing Groo series.

Watch his Mad Marginals (tiny one-joke drawings between cartoon frames) for real genius at work.


Yeah, also a big Cracked fan, but nothing ever topped Mad for sheer inspired lunacy.

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