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Is Having a Collection Worth Anything?


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Regardless of value, there has to be a love for the collection.  


Those who buy into collectibles for investment purposes only aren't wise investors. :)


Right, I agree. The points made in my video are me trying to explain the idea of collecting to someone who doesn't think if it isn't going to be used for anything other than having it is worthless. I explained the sentimental value and all that, but he just wouldn't understand. Not trying to be rude though, I am trying to explain it to him. 

young Atari lover

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I have always have had someone not getting it. It's hard for them to grasp it. But the funny thing is that they have their own quirkiness of their own. It's what makes us individual. Yes, I'm flawed, but so is everyone else. I could never get into every single thing that each person in my life is into, but I can listen to it. And people who claim to be minimalist often have an exception to this, or have stages where they don't follow their minimalistic approach. My feeling is minimalists are that way sometimes out of necessity, like they don't have a lot of space or move often.

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