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Atari Jaguar Jag-Ware Apparel Catolog


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Thanks for posting these. Its so 1994! I used to look at this catalog and dream of owning a Jaguar fanny pack. :)


I've seen the duffle, mug and watch on eBay but missed out each time. The attache case is pretty cool in a functional way. I have the embossed rental case but it takes up a lot of space. It would be cool to have something less bulky. I wonder how many were actually produced.

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i'm looking for a jaguar Denim Jacket..if some of you knows someone who has one for sale please keep me informed.

payment top $$$$ ;-)


I've never seen one in photo or otherwise outside of what's pictured in the JagWare catalog. I'm sure it would go for a pricey penny! The fact that they were so damn expensive at the time to begin with probably doesn't help. I would love to have one of those black Jaguar attache cases and almost had one a few times. That with some of the Jaguar pens :) Not so sure about those Jaguar boxers tho lol

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