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Wanted: 2600/5200 loose carts


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Wow, that's a coincidence.  I was just looking (squinting) at a copy of that game on eBay, trying to figure out why it was all red.  Methinks someone went to town with a red marker on it, but it's hard to tell with that potato-quality photo.


Anyway, yes please to Pete Rose Baseball!  May or may not take the manual -- what on my trade list are you interested in?

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I still have a fairly sizable Atari 2600 want list, but in terms of what I most want for my collection I'm now down to 4 Atari/Sears cartridges.  Please let me know if you spot any of these for trade/sale at a good price.  I'm at the point where I can't be too picky about label condition, either.  Main and end labels should be intact, regardless.


#04: Berzerk (yellow title picture label) -- I've seen a few of these pop up over the years.  I can't decide if it's a major or minor variation in my mind, but for now it's on my want-list either way.

#03: Asterix -- essentially a hack of Taz, it's incredibly hard to find this one in NTSC format. Some NTSC copies may be ©1985. Supposedly some copies that have the "P" for PAL are actually NTSC.

#02: BMX Airmaster (Atari red label, NTSC) -- unfortunately one can't know if the cart is NTSC or PAL just by looking at it, and NTSC copies are super expensive

#01: Superman (Sears picture label) -- I think there are 10-12 known copies of this.  Not holding my breath!

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Thanks to RickR who came through with a power adapter, I have a TI-99/4A that I know works. I'm now looking for a cheap set of joysticks (or an adapter so I can use standard 9-pin joysticks) and some common games.  Mainly I'm looking to play a few of the games that I played at a friend's house as a little kid -- Microsurgeon and Alpiner -- but if you have any spares of other games laying around, let me know!

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Do you have the speech box already?  For Alpiner, it's a must. 


Nope!  Right now I only have the 99, the adapter you just sent me, and the video cable that I'm using with my 1200XL (plus a monochrome-only RF cable that came with the computer).  I haven't decided if I'm gonna keep the 99 yet, so I'm trying to limit the investment I make for now...

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If you decide to keep it...look into a "FlashROM 99" and a 32K memory sidecar.  You'll spend about $100 for those two (plus you also need a speech box), but then you'll be able to play every game made for the system.  Totally worth it IMO. 

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There's a handful of more common 2600 games I want.  The only catch?  I want them in near-mint condition, with little-to-no plaque/wear/dirt.  If you have any of these and would like to help me make my collection nicer via trade or sale, send me a message or post here, please...


Canyon Bomber (regular Atari Inc. picture label)

Galaxian (regular Atari Inc. silver label)

Math Gran Prix (regular Atari Inc. picture label)

Trick Shot (picture label)


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