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Recommend me some 2600 homebrews?


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I'm looking to pick up 2 or 3 games from the AA store.  Which homebrews/repros do you enjoy most?  What do you like about them?


Games I already have in my collection:

Pac-Man 4K

Juno First

Zippy the Porcupine


Games I'm considering so far:

Stay Frosty 2



Halo 2600

Star Castle Arcade


I'm slightly less interested if a ROM is freely available, but I wouldn't rule out picking up a cart solely because of that.

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I am not a homebrew collector for the same reason others have mentioned before...price.  I simply can't afford them.  BUT...



I like watching Metal Jesus' videos and around 14:30 his "co-pilot" and him mention Space Rocks which is an Asteroids clone but I absolutely love the artwork on the package and the game play looks amazing!  This would be the one I would most likely pick up if I could.

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Here's what I ended up with, thanks to some AA store credit and a little extra $...




- Halo 2600 is really cool.  I think the story behind it is better than the game itself, but don't get me wrong -- the game is entertaining on its own.  I came close to beating it on my first playthrough, but I think it will retain some replay value after I've completed it.


- I can't emphasize enough how astoundingly good Thrust+ Platinum Edition is.  The splash screen music by Paul Slocum is off-the-charts amazing; I'm not sure I've ever heard a better tune come out of my 2600.  The gameplay is difficult but not infuriatingly so.  I've only just scratched the surface with this one at this point, and I haven't even investigated any of the other control options.  The game makes use of a Driving Controller and Quickjoy Foot Pedal, if you have 'em.  I may need to investigate this option!


- I knew Chetiry would be good and enjoyable, but... I'm seriously impressed.  The cart retains your high scores for each of four game variations (you can also reset the score tables).  You can choose from three in-game songs, or to have no music.  The songs are all listenable and mostly true to how they're supposed to sound.  The gameplay itself is incredibly solid; the only things I thought the game lacked were a more apparent visual cue that the difficulty level was increasing (e.g. something like a playfield color change), and I expected the music to speed up when my stack reached a certain height.  These are both really minor complaints, if you could even call them that.  My grasp of 2600 programming is minimal but I know that displaying multiple colors on one scanline requires some coding trickery, so to see a row full of differently colored pieces definitely put a smile on my face.  The artwork is also a big winner in my book!

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