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  1. Playing Sonic CD for the first time. Quite a trippy game. Really fun though. (Edit: Just beat it. Unfortunately didn't manage to get the good ending. Stardust Speedway is confusing, and Metallic Madness is a pain. Also, the race against Metal Sonic is very unforgiving. But a very fun game regardless. Surprised it took me so long to play it.)

  2. I still love VHS. I never actually thought they looked bad unless they were recorded in EP mode (which few were). Also, I'd rather trust another person to hold a VHS tape than I would a DVD. If a VHS breaks, you can usually repair it. Snapped tape? Tape it back together with some of that clear tape that everybody has lying around? One second long wrinkled section that the payer won't go past? Cut it out with scissors and tape the ends together. There will be a brief skip, but nothing terrible. Smashed shell? Take it apart and put it in a different shell. With DVD, a single scratch can kill the entire movie. Also (and I know this isn't technically an issue with DVD, as even some VHS editions of movies have had this problem in the past, but it seems to have become more prevalant over the years), usually the VHS versions represent truer versions of the films they contain. Many "remasters" of certain movies have botched the films. Yeah, I know you're probably thinking Star Wars, but many other movies have gotten it as well. Botched color grading, botched textures, over-saturation, etc. You name it, it's probably happened. Disney's Cinderella got it especially bad, and remains unfixed to this day (there are comparison pics online). In cases like this, the best way to get the film in it's original unbotched form is on a VHS tape. In short, I love VHS tapes. I have tons of them, I still watch them, and most of the ones I watched hundreds of times when I was a kid still play perfectly and look great. If I had to complain, I'd say that it's hard to find one in it's original aspect ratio (though this only applies to films made after widescreen became a thing. Most movies before then are in VHS aspect ratio by default).
  3. I finally got around to ordering paddle controllers. It was so great being able to use them for the first time. And I'll tell you, Breakout is so much more fun with paddles than with joysticks.

    1. Gianna


      Yes, I agree! I only play Breakout with the paddles 🙂

  4. I'd have to go a few practice rounds first. It's been awhile since I've played. I imagine I'll be a bit rusty.
  5. I might actually do this one if I get the time. I always liked the Alex Kidd games (even though I've played Enchanted Castle more often than I've played Miracle World).
  6. The 2600 is from before my time, so I didn't play that version of the game until I was older. My mom, however, did grow up during that time, and she used to visit a friend that had the 2600, and her favorite games were Space Invaders, Frogger (Parker Brothers version), and Pac-Man. Up until I was buying different video games, for the PS2 and stuff, my mom had rarely (if ever) seen the arcade version of Pac-Man, let alone played it. What Pac-Man was (and still is) for her was the 2600 version, because that's all she had played. In fact, humorously, it had the bit of the opposite effect from a lot of the others when she saw me playing the arcade version. She said, "This isn't Pac-Man! It's supposed to go (proceeds to imitate 2600 Pac-Man sounds)." Long story short, if you look at the 2600 Pac-Man as a completely different game, I think it's pretty fun. Personally, I think they probably should have changed the characters in the game and called it something else (similar to Ladybug and Mousetrap being similar games with different characters), and I'd rather play "A Better Pac-Man" or "Pac-Man 8K" than I would this game, but I still find myself booting up this game every once in awhile and playing it, and it is still the version of Pac-Man that my mom prefers to play. Not to change anybody's opinion on here, I just wanted to give my perspective of the game because of what I've come to learn about it over the years.
  7. And if you want to know who killed Mr. Boddy, it was Mr. Green who did it. In the hall. With the revolver.
  8. I've really been into Clue lately. My brother got me this board game for Christmas a few months ago. The only problem is trying to find a time when my family actually wants to play it with me.
  9. I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween (I'm more of a Christmas person), but I do still love dresssing up and occasionally pulling a few scare pranks on people. My work buddies were telling me to dress up like Eminem because I listen to Eminem all the time. I'm not really sure how I can "dress up" like Eminem, but it's an interesting idea. I managed to finally get The Grinch's Halloween and Carrie 2013 on DVD, and I will definitely be watching those tomorrow night along with some other horror-themed stuff because I love those two movies. My house, although located in town, is in a quieter area and is unlikely to get any trick or treaters knocking on the door. But it works for me anyway because I'm not sure I even have any candy to give them. All in all, not really my favorite day of the year, but it usually works out anyway.
  10. Aw crud, I just saw this post. This is depressing. Probably every collector's worst nightmare. I wish I could help out somehow. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a collection. Stay safe, man.
  11. Not a video (because I don't really have time to edit one together), but here's my blog post for Star Wars day: https://curtthegamer.blogspot.com/2019/05/movie-not-review-star-wars-movies.html
  12. This is kind of interesting. I always imagined Robotnik being more menacing, so Jim Carrey's performance just doesn't do it for me in this trailer. I also kind for wish they'd just make an animated movie that's completely CGI. But I can't really judge a movie based on a trailer, so I'll wait for it to actually be released.
  13. This should be cool. I'll list the ones I'm working/planning on. (Links included to videos for those who might want to watch me play/complete the games) Games I beat last year Tarzan Spider-Man 2000 Games I'm working on beating this year Harvest Moon 64 Games I plan to play/beat later this year Spider-Man 2000 What-if Mode Spider-Man: Enter Electro Spider-Man: Enter Electro What-if Mode Tigger's Hunny Hunt
  14. Well, here's my first try (via emulation on the Portable). My first time playing this game ever. Tricky too, because of those pesky birds. I might give it a try on the PC later to see how I do on there (I'd try on the actual 2600, but I need a new coax adapter, so that's not an option right now).
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