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Modded (maybe?) Xbox problems


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So i just got back from the thrift store. I saw this xbox there and saw this weird looking chip thing on the front of it. I have never seen it before so i thought this xbox might be modded (but not sure).


When i go to turn it on tue xbox logo comes up then gives me this page saying the xbox needs to be serviced. Also the disk drive wont come out. The light around the power button flashes


My main question here is has anyone ever seen this chip looking thing before. It lights up and there are wires leading inside the xbox.





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It looks like some kind of switching device that lets you choose a ROM-set to boot from.  Probably to allow you to play games from different regions?


Sorry I can't be of much help here, as I don't know much about hard-mods.


But on my "to-do" list is to soft-mod my XBOX.  I have the right cords/memory/disk items, just need to sit down and do it. 

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looks like that #5 is an error code from looking at this:



I think this means Justin that you just need to turn it in with barely a touch to the power button.  Very quick and light press of the button.  That logo thing on the mod should be blue, not red. 

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So i finally got some time alone to mess aroud with this thing. I just started flipping through the switches to see what would happen


Most of them did nothi g but i flip the third switch and this comes up and the disc drive opens. But funny thing is i turned the xbox off and now i cant get the disc drive to open again



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Ok so i found GTA 3 at goodwill today. Now i was finally able to test a game on this thing.


First off it took a while for it to read the disc (No scratches whatsoever on the disc) when it finally read the disc it was like it kept freezing on the first loading screen


Now gameplay. Very very lagy. Im driving down the street and the buildings and other cars are not showing up onthe screen fast enough so they all look like a bunch of grey blobs. Then when the cut seen comes on the buildings magically come into focus in a split second

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