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My Visit to the Austin Toy Museum


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Hey! Get out of my man cave!

uh...oh yeah...it's a different Toy Museum.


Thanks for the great picture tour, Lee!

So many memories in there.


I had that GI Joe plastic tower thing with a few hard-stubbled figures, who fought off many a giant fluffy beasts in that HQ.


My action figure run took wind with the Big Jim series, though.

They'd sell 'em with action clothes (skydiver, lumberjack, karate with board, etc) so when you got new threads, your good old Jim would ditch his lame previous job and get a new, more action-y, one.

The Big Jim collection would evolve with the P.A.C.K. series, though, with Dr Steel my favorite of those.


What a cool way to spend an afternoon, walking among the gears and engines of your childhood imagination.


Last thoughts:

Seeing carded Chewie among the Ewoks seems rather inappropriate. Like racial profiling.

Hey! Chewie eats Ewoks for breakfast! Stash him next to the Falcon!

(I'm talking to no one it seems, my inner kid is deeply embarassed by my behavior and walks away)


And I like to think the Mrs Pac Man cocktail table is right outside the bathroom's second door needed to exit. So you enter from the other side, and when done open this door and are obliged to play a game to get out.

Either that or you press start and a high-spirited arcader from the 80s pops out of that door and begins playing.


Also, that Vectrex is apparently worth $45,000 http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/2527-delusional-videogame-seller/

They ougtha plexiglass it, at the very least.

Or plant a few rabid ewoks in front.


Again, thanks for the tour, buddy!

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