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Slightly humorous, appalling Craigslist Ads and possibly some good ones, too!

Clint Thompson

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Every once in a great while I will search for vintage whatever and it amazes me at times what people post up and their asking prices.


I know an Apple IIc can fetch a sizable sum of money but $500? No way...




Then you run across ones that actually seem like possibly a good deal:


Atari 5200 with games but no controllers for $75...




What are some that you've spotted recently?

7800 - 130XE - XEGS - Lynx - Jaguar - ISO: Atari Falcon030 | STBook |STe


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These both say "obo", which is a good sign. 


I once talked a guy down from $400 to $50 for some untested Atari computer stuff.  I was polite and honest, and it took time...but he eventually agreed that's what the stuff was worth. 


So on these, I think if you pointed him out to some ebay auctions or other sources to point out what they are really worth, they might come down. 


Craigslist is full of ridiculous prices, that's for sure.  But it never hurts to ask for a better deal, as long as you don't lowball in my opinion. 

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To me the most outrageous ones are the goodwill auctions these days. Total money grab.

Considering a lot of them aren't even tested yet reach full price does seem kind of insane, especially since very well most items being donated simply do not work. Seeing the Jaguar units exceed $200 blows my mind.

7800 - 130XE - XEGS - Lynx - Jaguar - ISO: Atari Falcon030 | STBook |STe


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Alright so this is more of a story. First off here is the ad




Closer to the bottom you can see "old Nintendo for parts" and "old Nintendo games" system is $15 the games $5. I message the seller and we talk. She says the reason it says for parts is because she doesn't want to get in trouble if it doesnt work and she doesnt know how to hook it up. I drive for a living and turn out she is on my route and would be super easy to meet her. So after a couple days of her not responding she finally responds and we plan to meet today. Im happy to get the system and more importantly see what games im getting for only $5 (she says theres a stack and she knows nothing about them)


So i get to her house and she is waiting outside for me. I walk up to her and she goes inside to get it and here she comes out with a beat to hell xbox 360. I mean one of the sides of the shell was missing and all of the buttons on the front were gone. I asked her where is the Nintendo at. Shes like this is the Nintendo. I point out where it says xbox and she says "oooohhh you mean that old grey box with the tape games? I sold that and the games already" she hands me the xbox fames and they are literally all NBA games. I said thanks and goodbye!

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