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CD32 160 Game Compilation


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Believe it or not...I never knew of the Amiga or the ST until long after they were gone.  I think most of it was because I was more into consoles and I had a 386 where I was enjoying a LOT of shareware games.  Namely Wolfenstein and Doom.  Wouldn't mind seeing one in person, though.

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That's incredible! I've seen compilations of sorts in the past but never this many and loose on the details because I don't own a CD32. It's always been one of those systems I wanted to get and in the early 2000s almost had a new one but always put it off. Now they've become so ridiculously expensive I'm unsure I'll ever own one.

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You can emulate the commodore amiga series and the cd32 via WinUae emulator so you don't actually need real hardware to play these, Amigajay the guy behind the Unofficial CD32 website has done many amazing compilations that you can freely download and play via your pc or real hardware. But not without some field work, you need a selection of bios files for the the amiga platform or "Kickstart.rom" files, since the Amiga over the years had different revisions of their OS, from 1.2 to 3.9 kickstart, the cd32 needing 3.0/3.1 to run cd32 comfortably.


YouTube and Google are your friend here, as the kickstart roms are still held under copyright from Cloato or you can purchase a full amiga suite covering all platform for a ridiculously cheap price from clonal website under their "Amiga Forever" series the latest being the 2016 edition is a one stop front end for the Amiga platform being run under Windows and is well worth the effort for those who never experienced this incredible machine , it was light years ahead of itself and is so well supported today, it's amazing and this post is testimony to this.


So for those you never had an Amiga in any form this is an incredible opportunity to now try it out, the games on this platform are a whole world in their own right, with some 2,000 games that can be play from a game collection of 20+ years as well as brand new homebrew titles that are as good as commercial games.

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