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Asteroids Easter Egg


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Not too many people yet I don't think, special thanks to Forums member nosweargamer for making this video! Triggering Easter Eggs and Codes like that feel like a task using Atari's ProLine Joystick, it really makes me wish they had come out with a better NES-style control pad much earlier than they did.

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I've been trying for 30 minutes with no luck! Anyone else tried this?


I found it to be tricky since it requires you to press the pause button on the system while holding a direction on the controller (Yes I did it with the Pro Line controller. I didn't try it with any other.)


Here's the directions typed out. Make sure you use the 2nd controller for the whole process and you do it all while the title screen is up.

Using the second controller:


 On the main Asteroids title screen.

 Press the fire button. ( Left button. Don't know if Right would work or not)

 Hold 'Up' and press 'Pause'.

 Hold 'Down' and press 'Pause'.

 Hold 'Left' and press 'Pause'.

 Hold 'Right' and press 'Pause'.

The No Swear Gamer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtJuo040EOCTVziObIgVcg

Host of The Atari 7800 Game by Game Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube

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