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HeliCommander. Arcade like Choplifter coming soon to the Atari 8-bit


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A New Arcade Game for Atari XL/XE Computers







  • An Arcade Action Game in the style of Chopper Command and Choplifter
  • Game Cartridge requires an Atari Computer with 16K of RAM and 1 Joystick
  • Parallax Scrolling creating a great 3D effect and colorful scrolling objects and background
  • Enemies - Choppers, Tanks, Bombers, Trucks, Bunkers, to challenge you.
  • Many Challenging Levels to play
  • This game was extensively beta tested to assure quality
  • See video for more











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Can this game work with the Trak-Ball controller?

Actually it is joystick and keyboard. Up-Down-Left-Right to move the helicopter. Use the Left-Right Arrows on the keyboard to point the helicopter left or right. Press Down Arrow to point the Center the Helicopter to shoot at the ground.

The trackball is just about the only other controller that has up-down-left-right. I did add optional controllers to Megaoids - Joystick, Paddles, and anything that uses that "grey code" to rotate the ship left or right. So the trackball should work with that game.

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I am working on some tweaks, updates, and late bug corrections.  I slightly altered the color palette for the clouds, which everyone who seen it before I posted it here stated it looks much better and more realistic based on the limits we have for the Atari. When the Helicopter is at the bottom, it is now landed and cannot move horizontally. You need to be landed to be able to rescue people from the ground. I added some beginning and end level short tunes, and the sound effect for extra life had been replaced with an actual music piece. 


Now adding stuff like music is a work in progress. Since I see many people here are eager for the release of the game, I am going to limit what I am going to modify. See what I can do in the next few weeks. I did open up some space on the cartridge so I can add the sound effects routine that supports short music tunes. 


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