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Anyone know where I can buy a 2600?

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Also... It shouldn't be hard for you to find a 2600 in the United States. They made millions and millions of them, if you just keep looking I'm sure you can find something. You may also want to try craigslist, or find a local flea market or used game store.


And then another great resource for you may be here in the forums! Try posting in the Marketplace or Trading Post, post that you're looking for a 2600 and I'm sure another member must have a spare and would be willing to work a trade with you!


Trading Post - http://forums.atari.io/index.php/forum/61-trading-post/


Marketplace - http://forums.atari.io/index.php/forum/44-marketplace/

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I have looked on ebay and amazon, looked for other sites, etc. I've found working ones for about $30.00, but the shiping ranges from $30 to $50 dollars because all of them are outside of the US. Is there a website that is dedicated to selling old consoles or is there a thing like the Retron that plays Atari carts?


$30 is cheap for the console, but the shipping is outrageous! I recommend www.gameovervideogames.com  - they have retail stores all over Texas and each year I go back to the Houston ArcadeExpo, I visit the 2 locations there. On their website, the only Atari console that is available (right now) is a Sears version 6 switch w/ wood grain for $70 but anything over $50 is free shipping and they stand behind their stuff if it doesn't work! I bought an extra Atari joystick from one of the stores in Houston got back home and it didn't work. I contacted them and they exchanged it out, thru the mail for me - no problems! If you keep checking back they'll get more "Atari" consoles back on the website to sell if your not wanting the Sears version now.


Secondly, you can check my website: http://videogamestores.net/  We have listed on the site, retail vintage video game stores (by states) and online only video game stores (along with conventions, arcades, tournaments, etc). That will give you tons of choices to shop from!


I was hoping the newly announced, Retro VGS, was going to do that backwards compatibility (play Atari, INTV, Coleco, etc) all in one but it will not. Who knows maybe the Retron 6 might???? The only one that will is the Atari Flashback systems (Atari Flashback 2 or Atari Flashback 2+ can be modded to accept real Atari carts). 


Hope this helps you out!

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Welcome to the forums leolinden  :thumbsup:


It's pretty involved.  You need a cartridge slot, and then you must solder in wires to that and to the motherboard.  And then finally cutting the case to make a space for the cart port. 


AGREED. I would avoid this. I know you're young and money is hard-earned but it's best to do this the right way. Find a real Atari 2600 in decent shape and work out a deal.  If you take care of it it'll give you a lifetime of enjoyment and memories.

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@leolinden my advice to you would be to work on how you can raise as much money through the spring so you'll have enough to buy your Atari. Once you have the money you can make a deal with somebody. This is a great bunch of people but I don't know how likely it's gonna be that someone will give you a free Atari (unless you win one in the forums). Once you save up enough cash you can shop around for what you want. You know it won't cost more than $89 for the refurbished Atari with new stuff, so I'm sure you could probably find a straight used one for less!


You really just got to work on getting that money first. Maybe ask your dad to help you find things to do to save money. Ataris aren't expensive so you could probably do it over a weekend. It's spring time so you should be able to mow lawns, collect cans, do chores, weed people's gardens you know? That's how I saved up a lot of money for games.

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Yeah. Where I live, it's still cold for a few weeks, so I can't mow the lawn yet, but when I can I'm going to mow the lawn and stuff to get the money. I'm also getting money for dog sitting my friend's dog over spring break. I should have one in time for summer.

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