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Finally! My Modded Xbox!

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After trying to figure out how to do this myself (i.e., have friends smarter than me figure it out) & failing, I found someone to do it right.


He installed a 2TB HDD, did some more fancy things behind the scenes & installed every emulator & ROM set known to man, as well as nearly every original Xbox game made for the system.

It will take me MONTHS to figure out what is on here, how to navigate it, etc.


I can add any games that are missing (there are some Xbox games I'd like that aren't on here) as well as any new homebrews/hacks that come out.

If you're so inclined, here's a crappy video I made for my friends to show them what's on this thing. Enjoy!


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Oh my gosh that is awesome!  The screen/box art on the menus make this extra sweet. 


I think I have everything I need to do this mod myself.  I wasn't going to get a larger hard drive initially.  I currently have a joystick-port -> USB dongle and a USB memory stick, the save file needed.  the game disc they recommend, and an XBOX to try this on.  Any tips you can offer? 

It's been on my list for a while, but hasn't made it to the top yet. 

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My tips begin & end with "pay someone to do it for you". ????


Seriously, I have zero skills. I inherited this box & it was hard modded. My buddies & I couldn't figure out how to FTP anything to it. It gathered dust until I found someone who knew what they are doing. He gutted it & basically started from scratch.


I do know that it took a couple of days just to transfer all the files over.


I wish I had more info/advice/tips for you. Sorry!

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Update on my sweet modded Xbox.

I had sent it back not long after I received it in 2017 to have a Star Wars theme installed. (Main menu background image & every song from seven soundtracks loaded that play randomly at the menu screen.)

I would post another video however, it's on its way back to the modder.

I fired it up to try out the current High Score Challenge and discovered that the colors were all off. (I initially thought there was something wrong with the TV I had it connected to, but I tried it with another TV & the same problems were present.) It could be any number of issues but the modder is going to take care of it for me. All I have to pay is the shipping. He's a good guy.


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27 minutes ago, greenween said:

If anyone can help I would be very thankful. I bought an Xbox a few months back and finally did a soft mod it. Everything went smooth, but I cannot figure out how to get emulators to work on it.I'm using Filezilla on my pc and the xbox shows up and I keep trying but failing. I've searched youtube and everywhere else. 

I haven't done this yet, although it is a project on my list.  What exact error are you getting?

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I've never done it, but I think this is how it is done:

  • Download the emulator you want.
  • Unzip the file on the computer.  It should create a folder like "SNES" with a bunch of folders and files underneath.  Put your ROM files in the ROMS folder of this unzipped folder
  • Now filezilla that SNES (or whatever) folder over to your XBOX E\Emulators\ directory
  • Reboot the xbox, go to programs, emulators, and you should be able to run that new emulator.

Did you make it this far?  Does the emulator show under the programs, emulators menu?


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