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Found in my Grandmother's cookbook: Food keeping tips from Montgomery Ward (1969) — Something nostalgic for the Holidays!


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Montgomery Ward memories:


My first home computer was from Montgomery Ward at Mall 205 in Portland, OR.  It was a Commodore VIC-20, and I'm pretty sure we paid about $200 for it.  Very early 80's.  Maybe 1982 or 3.  I loved that computer so much, and still have it.  Almost immediately purchased a Commodore tape drive to go with it (from Toys R Us). 


My family did a ton of shopping at that location.  Two items I still have with the MW logo are my garage fridge (purchased in 1986 -- still in use) and a very old wheelbarrow I inherited from my father.  Probably from the early 1970's.  Also still in service.  Rusty, but still functional.  A little spray of grease on the wheel is all it needs each spring. There's probably more around here that I've forgotten about.  I'll have to look around a little. :) 


When Pong machines were big, MW had a great display of the various systems.  That's where I would spend time while my folks shopped...drooling over the Coleco Telstar and Bally Astrocade.  Later, they sold systems and games, but didn't really have displays you could play.  Still fun to look. 


That particular location was turned into a Target when Montgomery Ward went out of business. In that Target store, I still sometimes get flashbacks to the departments that were in each spot.  It's kind of spooky!

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