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Gameboy printer (region?) Problems?


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Ok so a while ago Lost Dragon game me a gameboy pocket with a gameboy camera. So i finally found a reasonable priced gameboy camera and couldn't wait to try it out.


I went to the local game shop and they only had 3rd party link cables made by tomee. So i got home turned everything on and connected them together. I took a picture and hit print, but i got a printer error #2 everytime i try to print it says the same thing.


So i thought to myself the gameboy and gameboy camera are pal and the printer is ntsc. I even tried the camera in my original Gameboy. The game came on, but still printer error #2.


So im trying to figure out the problem. I thought that all of Nintendo handhelds were region free? Or could it be the cable? Thoughts? Thanks yall

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I thought that all of Nintendo handhelds were region free? Or could it be the cable? Thoughts? Thanks yall


Yep, all Nintendo handhelds up until the DS Lite are region free, which I was surprised to find out considering how particular Nintendo are about protecting the integrity of their platforms. Because the screens are all LCD you don't have to worry about region specific video signal encoding either (i.e., PAL vs. NTSC).


Are you sure the printer is working correctly? You can print a test message by holding down the "Feed" button while powering it on.

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Glad you figured out the issue! As far as the print quality goes, thermal paper is one of those things that only has a couple years shelf life to it so new production thermal printer paper is necessary if you want to get legible print quality. To give you a practical example, here's a comparison of an image I printed using my Game Boy Printer. The picture on the left was printed using new production thermal paper the picture on the right (which is the same image) was printed with the long-expired official Nintendo brand thermal paper: 





As you can see, new production printer paper is necessary. :lol: The printer paper goes for $14.50 per 5-pack and can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.com/PMC05228-Thermal-Calculator-Paper-Rolls/dp/B0000DBMGL/

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