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Games you Despise

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So NSG’s “Games that grew on you” thread, and this months high score challenge got me thinking and wondering what games out there are truly despised?


I mentioned Ice Climber already in the HSC thread, but another game I absolutely won’t play is Sssnake. It has to be one of the worst 2600 games ever made. It embarrasses me to have it in my collection, it’s that bad! If it weren’t for the fact it completes my Data Age collection, I would probably get rid of it just to save shelf space.

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Does an entire console's library count? I like the VIS system itself. It is a solid system but even when it was released the components that make it were a bit dated. It could have been so much more. The whole edutainment library is not intuitive either. Only two of the system's "games" I have are considered games. Links and Sherlock Holmes. Those are good as is the shoot em up example on the sampler disc.


On Dreamcast I found one called Roadster. I love racing games but that one was not well thought out. Roads were too narrow and controls were not that great. So far I have not found any Atari games I despise.

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Spikes Peak...Uggg




Pair it with Artillery Duel on a Double Ender, and you have one of the worst 1-2 combinations in history :rofl:

Isn’t that the version of Artillery Duel that doesn’t work on NTSC as well? Or was that the Chuck Norris double ender version?


Spikes Peak is a game I want to like... but it’s extremely frustrating. I don’t think I despise it, but I definitely don’t play it much if at all. I have it on a double ender with Ghost Manor, and Ghost Manor gets much more play time, especially around Halloween.

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