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New Atari 2600 video mode discovery parallels modern research


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Is cutting edge modern research possible on the Atari 2600?
Yes, the TIA chip has such open ended arcitecture there is still room for experimentation and discovery; my research on Atari 2600 Motion Blur Reduction technology parallels modern research with advanced display technologies!
Unintentional discoveries:
This technology was discovered while the researcher was working on advanced 3D displays. Similarly, I was working on an advanced blitter chip for the Atari 2600 that would be capable of high FPS output when I encountered the effects.
The researcher and I are having an interesting discussion on the technology here, and the Atari community has been invited to participate:
There are both Atari examples (3 fun games!) and tons of examples from the researcher to try out and experience the effects with really clear explanations of the technology. The potential to enhance modern 60 FPS animation for gaming on 120 Hz monitors and produce perfectly clear 60 FPS animation on 480 Hz monitors is amazing.
Hope everyone enjoys! :)


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Very nice!


I've always felt re-implementing the TIA would make a great undergrad project, considering it largely boils down to repeatable clock and latch stages which are very easy to handle in modern design tools. I can only imagine what Jay Miner would have come up with if he had access to today's synthesis tooling.

He would most likely have something better that At I and nvidia ever did.

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