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It's Here! SMS Arrival

Atari 5200 Guy

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This is what I use to clean electronics...




...and I soak the electronics along with any and all parts. This chemical can remove most stains including years of cigarette buildup in a matter of seconds.




And before most say water and electronics don't mix...you can wash electronics on a board level provided there is no power going through the circuits of any kind including battery power and if they are dried off immediately or allowed to air dry. Personally, it would be better to dry them off asap as air drying can promote corrosion.


More work coming...stay tuned!

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Bath time done! In the back of my mind, however, I kept hearing the SMS crying out, "NO!

My instructions specifically state that I am NOT TO GET WET! How dare you!!"


Me: "But, I am your father now."


SMS: "That's not true! That's impossible!! Nooooooooo!"


Surprisingly, there are literally no scratches on this system. It must have been well cared for. Sega built these systems like a tank! Even with the vent holes there was very little dust allowed to enter inside the system. Probably some of the best Japanese engineering I've seen yet.


Operation check & repair is now under way.

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Ah man, well best of luck, it is good to see people like yourself attempting to clean and fix these.


Thanks, MaxRD. If I had the space I'd gladly give every non-working console I could a home. At least until I could get them fixed and then I'd try to find them a new home if I already one. I love to tinker and fix electronics.

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UPDATE: Well...nice surprise. I found out why the RF was not working. I had forgot about cleaning up any cables I was not using around my gaming TV. That meant unhooking the RF stuff as well to help untangle a rather large hairball of cords and eliminating what I can do without. When reconnecting everything I neglected to reconnect my cable for a direct connection for RF signals mostly used for the 2600/7800 consoles. Dragging out the 7800 for a bit of fun led to the discovery. The cable ran to the back of the TV but I didn't complete the connection to the 5200's switchbox. I got so use to the cable being there, ready to go, that I forgot about disconnecting it until the 7800 refused to show a RF signal.


In more simple words...there is nothing wrong with the SMS. It is 100% fully functional...and clean, too!

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Awesome! I was going to say that if it did end up being a dead RF modulator that I actually have an RF modulator for an SMS that I removed last month when modding a client's SMS for them. They specifically asked that I remove the RF modulator and put the region switch in the hole the RF modulator was so I wouldn't have to drill any holes in the case. 


Region switch was for Tim's RF add-in mod board. Which, is why the SMS was sent to me.

See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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