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I am an owner of all 6 2006 MGA Classic Arcade handhelds.  https://www.pinterest.com/arenafoot/mga-classic-arcade-handheld-games/

I have played only the Pac-Man and Asteroids MGA versions, as the other 4 are still mint in the package, I can compare your 2016 Basic Fun Pac-Man to the 2006 MGA Pac-Man.


Cabinet - MGA (better design - smaller, BF looks bigger and bulky)

Buttons - tie - both have "Start", "Sound", & "Pause" buttons (MGA has a "Player/Check" button)

Joystick - MGA (its removeable)

Screen - (both are LCD) Basic Fun (on MGA the screen scrolls - so you only see a portion at a time - a feature I hate)

Sound - Basic Fun (true arcade sounds and music)

Gameplay - Basic Fun (since the BF version has the "Chase Mode")


Looks like Basic Fun improved the MGA handheld 10 years later.


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