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Ninja Odyssey - NEW Platformer Game for Intellivision!


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Have you guys seen Ninja Odyssey for Intellivision? I had no idea Intellivision could look this good! Ninja Odyssey is a new platformer for your Intellivision. Levels and gameplay are just like Wonderboy, but it looks incredible for an Intellivision game. This game works on any original Intellivision system and doesn't require any additional hardware. This almost looks like a 7800 or NES game. Well done!


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I always got the impression that the INTV was capable of so much more.  Imagic games tended to show a higher standard.  But this one looks incredible.  I like to imagine how a game this good would have been received back in 1983.  Seems like Mattel should have never bothered with the "Master Component" computer add-on, the Aquarius, or any other distraction and instead focused on better games (like this) and possibly improved controllers.  Same for Coleco.  How much time/money/energy did they waste on the Adam instead of just making better games for ColecoVision? 

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The Intellivision can do a lot if you don't use the EXEC.  I believe most of these newer games that are so impressive, are impressive because of that.  There is no added hardware or RAM.  One such example of this is what Coleco released as a port of Donkey Kong and the homebrew DK Arcade. Here are two videos of the games for comparison:

Coleco's Port


DK Arcade Homebrew

I think you can agree it is a night and day difference.  Ninja Odyssey is an original game but it shows what the system is capable of when properly programmed.  You can check out the two new games just released as examples as well (Wizard of Wor and Cosmic Avenger) and there are even more games coming that show the capabilities of the system.

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