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Non English -- (Foreign Rock Groups)

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Does anyone else know of any other cool non-English rock bands?  I've discovered that since I usually cannot understand the lyrics of domestic (English language) music anyway, listening to foreign stuff is no different... EXCEPT the fact that it's "NEW TO ME".  I've gotten tired of listening to the same boring playlist I've been listening to over the past 40 years.  The foreign stuff breaks the monotony. 

Here's an interesting group called the Wagakki Band, they mix traditional Japanese instruments and sound with Rock.  What do you think?


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On 3/13/2021 at 8:51 AM, - Ω - said:

Does anyone else know of any other cool non-English rock bands?

Check out Babymetal (correctly pronounced "bey b metal" a play on hea vy metal).  Here...I'll get you started:

When you are done listening to that...try listening to "The One", "Road to Resistance", "Distortion", and then try this...

The band in the first video was fake playing but it's still an awesome song.  The band in the other songs I suggested and with them performing with Rob Halford of Iron Maiden is their real band and they are sick!  That drummer is awesome as was the rest of the members.  I especially loved their lead guitarist.

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