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Humorous Captions for Atari Catalog Art

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Hey everyone.  When we lost power recently, I spent a little time reading some old Atari catalogs for the first time in decades.  You know what?  They are just as awesome now as they were back in the 80's!  But, some of the drawings are pretty preposterous. 

I'll post a scan from catalogs once in a while -- feel free to add your own humorous captions. 

I'll get us started with Video Checkers:


My caption:  "The whole family gloated as Jimmy finally put Grandpa Joe in his place.  He'd been kicking their butts at checkers for three generations!"

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31 minutes ago, RickR said:

"Zorlon could never understand why the tiny old man kept saying "You sunk my battleship" and laughing while losing at Chess.  He finally had enough and destroyed all of humanity."


The small, elderly gentleman pointed his finger at the bakery case and kindly asked the robot to give him the donut he was pointing to.

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2 hours ago, HDN said:

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"Use the Forrest, Luke."


Albert Einstein's greatest challenge wasn't creating the Theory of Relativity; it was teaching 1st grade math.

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