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Metal Slug (Mission 1) port for Atari STE - Completed

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This is the definitive Metal Slug (Mission 1) port for Atari STE
-Using Atari Game Tools, almost all the game is programmed using C language


-Complementary Dithering colour, aprox. 70 colors on screen;

requires more than 40 frames per second. As emulator, Steem in the recommended one, and active the Vsync

-652 KB of digital sampled audio, 3 voices mixed at 12.5 KHz
Music is also based on sampled audio loops at same frequency

-Around 3 MB of graphics data

-50 frames per second gameplay, few slowdowns

-Hardware requirements: Atari STE @ 8 MHz CPU with 4 MB RAM + a hard disk device (recommended)


-Controls: A,W,S,D  Movement   |   N   Fire (Autofire enabled)    |   B   Grenade or Cannon  |   M  Jump (Single key press)



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Played it on my Mega STe a while back.

Blew me away! 😄 dml's Atari Game Tools do a great job along with your coding to make a great smooth experience I would have killed for on the ST back in the day. If only I had a three button pad to play it with. 😛

You guys are showing the Amiga fanboys our lovely ST is alive and kicking. ❤️



 Free to download--> Carrot Kingdom™- :atari_2600: - Released 5/11/2021

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On 9/15/2023 at 12:38 PM, Justin said:

This ST port convinced me to buy a Neo Geo and I love it :neogeo:

While I can't quite afford either of those models, I did happen to get a NeoGeo CD for under $200 about a month ago. Now I have a controller and will need to get a PSU for it at some point. I know that Metal Slug and MS2 are available for the NeoGeo CD. Then again, I own the Saturn port of Metal Slug also. Such great games!


See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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