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Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration


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1 hour ago, socrates63 said:

I got my email from Amazon that my copy is shipping next week. I picked it up for the Switch. Recently, the Switch version with the steel book case went on sale, and I picked it up.

I'm not looking forward to any particular game, but one thing that piqued my interest in this collection was the Jaguar emulation. I hope it turned out well.

I have a complete Jaguar collection and intend to compare the games included against real hardware.

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I was able to participate in a live Q&A on the Official VCS Discord with Atari's marketing head, David Lowey to discuss the delay with the VCS release.

Apparently some last minute bugs have delayed the release. Digital Eclipse are working on a resolution.  Atari will give VCS users a $10 discount on the title the first 24 hours that it's available. No timeline for release other than "imminent."

He also spoke more broadly about the VCS and plans for 2023.

Here were some takeaways:

- 18 games on Atari's development roadmap

- 10 to 12 Atari published titles in 2023

- One new Recharged title in Q1 and they are discussing the next four titles internally

- They have a new lead VCS engineer and are focused on improving developer support to encourage further third-party and indie development

- The ability to access the BIOS was inadvertently turned off in the last update. This will be restored and a new password will be provided to the VCS community.

- The VCS version of Atari50 will have Circus Atari. This is not on other platforms.

- The best place for updates will be the Official VCS Discord server but I'll definitely share here as well.

I saw @Joe   , @Mockduck and @LinkYoungPS in the chat too. Please feel free to chime in if I've missed anything.

While it's a disappointment to have Atari50 delayed on the VCS, I appreciate that Atari engaged the community directly on the issue.

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Here are some early reviews and (shock) they are resoundingly positive. It sounds like the team at Digital Eclipse has truly outdone themselves. I can't wait to combine through the the interactive timeline content.

The Verge:


Digital Trends:


Nintendo World Report:


Way Too Many Games:






Culture Vultures:


John Riggs:





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I picked it up on PS4 while I wait for the VCS version to drop. The reviews are accurate. The presentation, scans, interviews, and emulation are all fantastic so far. There are several hours of content to explore. I can't imagine that anyone here would be disappointed. A few critical notes: 

You have seen many of these games in previous collections, but not presented in this context or fashion. It is not your run-of-the-mill retro collection.

My only real complaint is that the years 1998-2020 are glossed over. I would have liked to see the PS1 Hasbro-era content included and maybe a timeline for Atari SA which did have some big titles up through 2010 or so.

Anyway, this is 100 percent recommended by me to any Atari fan.

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There is a lot of rumour mill/speculation going on about the continued delay of the VCS version of Atari50. Here is a recap of what we know from Atari & Digital Eclipse:

The Atari team hosted a live Q&A on the Atari VCS Discord to discuss the delay of the VCS version last week on 11/10 - the day before expected release.

Part of the delay is attributed to a personal emergency on the Digital Eclipse side which Atari could not disclose specifics of due to privacy issues/concerns.

The Atari team acknowledged the disappointment by users/fans.  They are working with Digital Eclipse to get the VCS port out as soon as possible.

Once the VCS version releases it will be $10 off for the first 24 hours it's in the VCS store. It will also include Circus Atari as a bonus which isn't on any other version of the collection.

My thoughts are with the devs working to bring this port out on Atari hardware. 

Here are some screen caps from the Discord from members of the Atari team,  including @Davpa who is now on the VCS team!  Also, the last public responses from Digital Eclipse on the issue via Twitter.




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Here's a link to @Davpa streaming Atari 50 on the VCS.  As folks may know, Davpa now works for Atari on the VCS team.

No official release date but word on Atari's Discord server is that Atari is working to address some backend/server issues with the VCS store ahead of release.

The Atari 50 portion starts around the 32 minute mark.


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