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Finally did the AV Mod on my Coleco


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Next do an INTV Model 1 for me! ;)


Lol.  INTV1 is on my list!  Although my Odyssey2 will likely be next, it's another really easy one.  Eventually I want composite out on all of my really old consoles so I can connect them all to a huge switch box that I'll make and have them all ready to play without having to swap connectors.


WOW AWESOME! Colecovision is a favorite of mine, I have two units maybe I will do this one day. 


Super simple.  You should!

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I used to use the Ben Heck mod in my CV but had saturation issues all the time, plus the transistor would get stupid hot! Found out from a post at AA that while Ben's mod does work. it isn't correct in regards to voltage and the transistor gets so hot because of the 12v going into it. Eventually the transistor will burn out before its time if you play the CV often. In the end I took it all out and bought one of Yurkie's AV boards but just the board. That way it replaced the simple circuit show for the Ben Heck mod, and I still use the RCA jacks I installed on the back. Looks much better than the simple mod here and best of all, no heat being built up anywhere.

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