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Atari 7800 Cheat Codes

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In my never ending goal of preserve everything Atari 7800, I've Made a video covering all the cheats I know for the console.  Includes things like Credits for Asteroids and level select for little known homebrews and everything in-between

I'd like to do a part two if you guys can think of any I skipped or didn't talk about!  Credit will be given to anybody who contributes a secret, easter egg, or code if I ever do a second video!). As always let me know what you think!



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38 minutes ago, socrates63 said:

Jon is just cranking out the 7800 content 👏👏👏🕹️ ❤️

I have a ton more I want to put out but some are more time consuming than I expected and others I realized are beyond current skill level to produce the way I want to.  As I said before, I know the channel will never be big but I want to try and save the history of the console and give a place for people to discover it.   I was always disappointed with the lack of 7800 content on YouTube. Thank God for people like No Swear Gamer that gave us some good stuff already. Anyway, hopefully your all enjoying my videos too!

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It seems I missed a cheat code for Commando of all games.  So I added it to the end of the commando playthrough that should be uploaded to YouTube in a few hours.  Nothing too crazy but for completion sake I'll add it here as well.




Power on the console with Commando inserted and as it starts press down reset, select and pause on the console at the same time.  Then release them.  If you did it right at the end of the typewriter intro you should see a bit of flashing text!  


This text is the developer credit!


There are also a few hidden POW tunnels that not many people know about.  Again, I show off a couple at the end of the video that's uploading tonight.  It's a good excuse to link the two videos in the comments if nothing else!

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