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The AMC Gremlin 401-XR

Video 61

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hi guys,

 more fun stiff!


America's ULTRA Rare V8 Powered Super Hatchback - The AMC Gremlin 401-XR

78,066 views Aug 19, 2023

In this Rare Cars documentary, we go deep into one of the rarest and most overlook dealer built cars in American history, the AMC Gremlin 401-XR. This special V8 powered super hatchback while it was ugly was one of the fastest cars that you could purchase from 1972 to 1974, and almost nobody knows that these even existed. Learn all there is to know about the AMC Gremlin 401-XR in episode 26 of our documentary series on the world's most fascinating cars.

the only gremlin i had, was the typical 6 banger three speed on  the floor.



22735 Congo St. NE, Stacy, MN 55079

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I love the original Gremlin prototype. When the Gremlin idea first arose and AMC, a concept car was built in 1968 based on the AMX - AMC's top 2-seater sports car - as opposed to the Hornet economy car which is what the production Gremlin was based on and shared most all of its components with. This concept, called the "AMX-GT" was the basis for what became the Gremlin, but its dimensions are fascinating as the AMX looks more intriguing with that bobtail kammback rear treatment than the Hornet.








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I had no idea!  And looking at a Gremlin decked out for speed...well I think I finally understand what they were aiming for (and how much they missed in the mass production).

This kind of reminds me of the Triumph TR-8...which had a tiny V8 stuffed into a TR-7 body.  I got to drive one once and OMG, the sound and feeling of speed was incredible.



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