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Rikki & Vikki Developer Interview- Today at 2pm EST

Funkmaster V

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Penguinet's "Tailchao" drops by the Mothership, as Silverback and Funkmaster V asks the man questions about the mysterious origins of what many consider the best Atari 7800 homebrew of all time. #atari7800 #rikkinvikki #steam

Don't miss it!


 :pole_position_blimp: Visit Atari 7800 Forever online: https://www.atari7800forever.com

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@Funkmaster V Thank you for lining up this awesome interview and sharing it with us. Hands down one of the best guests you could've ever had. The Atari 7800 will forever be my favorite video game system. Ride or die. I wish we could've seen more top shelf games come out that would've rivaled the best Nintendo and Sega had to offer. Terrific interview, hoping to see more in the future.

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OMG Osman was so great on the podcast.  And he's a really cool guy just to talk with.  So glad I got to be involved on the 7800forever podcast and that Tailchao agreed to sit down with us.  Hopefully some more people will start utilizing the resources he made available!

Similar to the dragons havoc video, portions of this interview will be edited into my upcoming Rikki and Vikki video.  Sorry if it's a bit of a disappointment to people who watched the podcast and want an original voice over but I'm hoping it will:

#1 steer people to the full podcast

And #2 help get Tailchao more sales of his game on steam, etc.  

I will interject some original audio as well. 

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14 hours ago, Silver Back said:

Similar to the dragons havoc video, portions of this interview will be edited into my upcoming Rikki and Vikki video.

@Silver Back Looking forward to this. It's incredibly valuable to other independent developers and homebrewers to be able to hear Osman tell his story, and what it took to make something of that level on the Atari 7800. Thanks again for making this happen :nintendo_mario_1up:

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Tailchao was so incredibly nice that when he found out I was going to chop up the interview and use it in my video he said he would give me another interview and original audio!  We recorded last night and it was so cool.  So in the next beating every 7800 game instead of watching me struggle through Rikki and Vikki, I have the first ever guest game play. Watch Osman the director of the game himself play optimally while we talk about his influences, how parts of Rikki and Vikki came to be, and the world premier of a cheat code? Yes!


And please please please support him in everything he's doing.  He's still working on projects so we haven't seen the last of the very cool and talented Tailchao!


Also I think having guest gameplay and audio is a really cool idea for the channel.  Even if it's not the developer if anybody loves a game and wants it featured I'd be welcome to uploading and editing for you and putting it up on the channel.  Just a thought for some unique content...

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