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Release Date: September 14, 2023

Retail: 19.99

Developer(s): BBG Entertainment

Publisher: BBG Entertainment

Official Site

Synopsis :

The legendary classic bomber is back: DYNABLASTER® is now available as a new and improved 3D action and multiplayer game! DYNABLASTER® at a glance:

One of the best BOMBER GAMES ever

Modern 3D and fresh-looking game based on the ORIGINAL

Local MULTIPLAYER up to 4 players

Online MULTIPLAYER up to 4 players

NEW very special COOPERATIVE keys collecting mode

Well balanced SINGLE PLAYER mode

50 exciting LEVELS in 5 stunning WORLDS

CUSTOMIZATION of your own character

9 unique BONUSES and POWER UPS

A lot of awesome VISUAL and SOUND effects

Having been a blockbuster, DYNABLASTER® is a game for the strategic thinker whose smart tactics will instill fear in his competitors – playing online or local against others or against the computer. In this captivating action game, destroy your enemies with cleverly placed bombs. Playing in groups of up to 4 players total, he who survives longest wins! You always have to be on your toes and be extremely swift. But being fast is not enough. You need top place bombs with strategy to effectively kill your enemies. The game features a variety of items, such as PowerUps, that are hidden under blocks. You need to destroy the walls to free these coveted PowerUps, as these PowerUps give you additional features, such as:

Nitro: You can move about faster

Flame: Your bombs are more effective and have higher detonation energy

Multi Bomb: Will allow you to lay multiple bombs, creating a chain reaction

Shield: Turns you into an immortal for a few seconds

Water Can: Use to prevent bombs from detonating

TNT: Destroy all competitors within a certain perimeter

Mine: Set the mine like a trap so that no one can step on it

Glue: Use glue to stick opponents for a while on the spot

Invisibility: You are hidden for a few moments

Teleport: Moves you back to your starting point

Sickness: Can slow you down, speed you up, reduce the flame of your bombs or other accidental disadvantages

Keys: Collect the keys of your colors, help find and clear the way to the keys of your teammates in special cooperative mode

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Is it poetic that this once planned Amico launch title is making its way to the Atari VCS?

I recall how Tallarico trolled the VCS IndieGoGo launch by announcing the Amico the day prior. He went on to continue trolling the VCS throughout its development on various platforms despite being a licensee of Atari for titles like Breakout and Missile Command. Today we get to enjoy this Amico game on the only retro modern platform that made it to market. I call that poetic.

I wonder if will see other BBG games make it to the VCS?!

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1 hour ago, RickR said:

Very poetic! 

Q:  Why are there STILL VCS trolls?  It's been out and reasonably successful for a couple of years now.  Can't they just move on and leave it alone if they don't like it?


I’m guessing those are Amico fans angry and jealous of the relative success of the VCS and that you guys received your systems while Amico orders went unfulfilled.

Why are there still Atari Jaguar trolls? Atari 7800 trolls? Because there are childish, angry people.

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I agree with all that.  But even non-Amico related.  Bring up the VCS or even the unreleased Atari 2600+, and the trolls will list a ton of ridiculous reasons to hate on it.  I just don't get it.  Don't like it?  Don't buy it.  But tearing it down is nerds feeding upon themselves.  Why would anyone want to release anything new to this audience of sharks?

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14 minutes ago, RickR said:

Bring up the VCS or even the unreleased Atari 2600+, and the trolls will list a ton of ridiculous reasons to hate on it.

I can attest that in my experience it has been exactly like that for Atari in general since the 16-Bit era. Even prior to the dawn of the modern internet. Mention Atari and you get trolled by normies at the first possible opportunity.

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