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Announcing NOVAWOLF for Atari 7800 - AVAILABLE NOW!

Video 61

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A New Action Game for Atari 7800
Available NOW!


 1 or 2 Players    Space Action    Simultaneous 2-Player Option
 For Use With 2-Button Joystick or Control Pad


hi everyone,

NovaWolf is now available for the Atari 7800 video game system!

NovaWolf is a very fun and addicting action game with a simultaneous 2-Player action option.

NovaWolf is now available. currently we are taking orders via e-mail only at video61@atarisales.com, or video61atarisales@gmail.com

when inquiring about NovaWolf or any other item from @Video 61 please let us know if you live in the u.s.a., or another country due to shipping.

at this time we are only accepting payment via paypal, checks or money orders. to mail in a check or money order, please go here for instructions: http://www.atarisales.com/ordering.html

price will be $39.95 and includes free shipping if you live in the u.s.a.

NovaWolf is not listed on our website yet. we are constantly busy and will get it listed A.S.A.P.

NovaWolf requires the Atari 7800 ProLine Joystick, or 7800 ProLine Control Pad for two button play options.

to inquire or purchase please include where you live, and email us with your order at video61@atarisales.com, or video61atarisales@gmail.com






thanks again everyone! without you, we would never be able to bring new stuff to the atari community.



Lance :nintendo_professor_hector:











$99 Boxed Lots SALE!

View More NEW Releases from Video 61

Email Lance with Questions or to Order

Detailed Ordering Information

Visit Video 61 at www.AtariSales.com

Read Lance's Blog! Lance's Laboratory






22735 Congo St. NE, Stacy, MN 55079

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I have mine ordered!  Make sure you check your spam folder I waited 3 days thinking I didn't get a response, but video 61 responded extremely fast, it just went to my spam for some reason. So I accidentally waited 3 days I didn't have to which was completely my fault!

Also those boxed lot deals are fantastic. You guys already beat eBay and then you give deals on top of that, it's just incredible.  Video61 is the best kept secret for Atari collecting and I don't think it needs to be a secret! 

And as Vinnie said on the Atari 7800 Forever Podcast, now that AA is part of the mothership, Video61 is now the largest independent provider of Atari homebrew* around!  Think about it.  Best electronics doesn't deal in homebrew, and for as good as GoodDealGames is, they don't create anything or have much exclusive but Video61 does!   Congratulations guys keep up the great work!

Edited by Silver Back

 :pole_position_blimp: Watch 7800 Pro Gamer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@TheAtariNetwork

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