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CBS San Diego Reports on Video Games/Atari in 1982


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This one came up in my youtube feed.  It is fascinating!  I bit more well done than most local news stories about video games of that time.  You'll see a lot of familiar faces at Atari, including Howard Scott Warshaw with a whip!  This was made as the 5200 was being developed, so you'll see some clips from the 5200 game developers.


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5 minutes ago, Atari 5200 Guy said:

That is very entertaining and interesting.  They really dug deep into the industry and for 1981 that was pretty deep.  I liked hearing about the bug that was in Galaxian.  I so wanted to jump in on the 2600 product line.  I would have loved to have helped assemble those.

Right?  Me too!  I don't think I'd need any training. 

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