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Dead Kennedys


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dead kennedys hell yes


so heres the thing, I think that diary note is fake. why? it just looks too well planned out to be a meme. talking about "dead kennedys don't like the man" and talking about "bush" and lying does not count in the library. All that sounds too perfect to not be made up and writing it in blue little girl pen colors and hearts to dot the lower case i and j. It stinks to high heaven but sure is funny. I'm calling fakery.

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I'm 47 years of age and I never stop gaming. I might be the oldest here, I might not be. But that's alright. Hey greenween do you sort glass?




Reminds me of these glass sorters




I wonder what the dead kennedys would say about those people rising up against the man?

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Wait. What?  :blink: I am so confused right now.


Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 24. Based on site stats I'd say 80% of you guys grew up with the 2600. I grew up with the Jaguar. I'm definitely the youngest Moderator, and probably one of the younger people in the house.


Let's get the conversation back on track with some police truck!



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