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  • CrossBow

    New PCB Design for Intellivision installs - Sample install pics

    By CrossBow

    I already made a blog post not that long about about my new designs and had posted pics of the render of the PCBs. Well, I actually received the PCBs in the other day and have had a chance to test them out. While I did make a pretty big blunder on my model 2 specific PCB, it was easily fixed and isn't that big a deal to fix in situ when installing. And it only affects me since the gerbers that I play to release publicly already have the fix in place so future boards that get made up should be go

BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT: September is the Month of Metroid!

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I updated the blog. I had a lot of stuff going on for a few months after that last post and eventually I sort of forgot about the whole blog thing. But I'm back now, and with a very special month planned for you all. As some of you might know, Metroid (specifically the 2D games) is my favorite video game series of all time. So you can imagine my shock in June while I was watching Nintendo's E3 presentation live with my friends when out of NOWHERE Nin


HDN in Month of Metroid

EPISODE 19: Tournament Cyberball 2072

PLAY EPISODE 19 HERE #PA2038, Published by Atari Corp. In this episode I cover the first of two American-rules football games for the Atari Lynx, Tournament Cyberball 2072, released in 1991. Included are statistics for the game and a run-down on how to play it, along with reviews and ratings, some fun facts and trivia, and some listener feedback about the game. In the previous episode, Monty and I discussed the differences between soccer and American football (I’m still unclear about that). In

EPISODE 18: World Class Fussball/Soccer

PLAY EPISODE 18 HERE #PA2037, Published by Atari Corp. In this episode I cover the first of two soccer games for the Lynx, World Class Fussball/Soccer, also known as World Class Soccer, released for the Lynx in 1992. Included are statistics for the game and a run-down on how to play it, along with reviews and ratings, some fun facts and trivia, and some listener feedback about the game. And Monty and I get into a spirited (and ultimately futile) discussion about the differences between soccer,

EPISODE 17: RoadBlasters

PLAY EPISODE 17 HERE #PA2036, Published by Atari Corp. In this episode Monty and I cover one of the best arcade combat racing games for the Lynx, RoadBlasters, released for the Lynx in 1990. In addition to providing statistics, gameplay, reviews and ratings, fun facts and trivia, and listener feedback about the game, I pose an easy Atari Lynx trivia question to Monty, who refuses to join in the fun and to provide an answer because he is not a fan of pub quizzes……nor of my singing.“Let’s all go

EPISODE IN02: Interview with Scott Rhoades

PLAY EPISODE IN02 HERE THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE:  Recorded May 19, 2021 Many, many thanks go to Scott Rhoades, the gifted Atari game manual writer who graciously agreed to be interviewed for The HandyCast. Scott's willingness to share his experiences at Atari during the Lynx's early days is a testament to his devotion to the craft of writing, to fans of his work, and to the Atari Lynx community. Cheers to you, Scott! Biography of Scott Rhoades: Portfolio website (includ


It's time for my Pac-Attack review. Recently I've been spending a lot of time with this game. For those who haven't played Pac-Attack it is a 1993 falling-tile puzzle video game developed and published by Namco for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis. Or to put it in simpler terms it's Tetris featuring Pac-Man. 😂 Your goal just like in Tetris is to eliminate the blocks to get as many points while trying not to hit the top of the board. In this game to add a little twist the


1Littlebeast in Puzzle Games

Using the Collectorvision Phoenix on an old CRT or Analog TV

More adventures with the Phoenix. One very minor issue that I've had with the Phoenix has been that my retro gaming is done on an old analog TV.  Since the Phoenix only has HDMI output (and my TV has no HDMI input), this was a problem. Off to ebay!  I found a very inexpensive (less than $10 shipped) HDMI -> AV converter and ordered one.  It has arrived, and I've been playing around with it.  Summary:  it works!  It's exactly what I needed.  No fuss.  Just plug it in, and it works stra


RickR in System Reviews

The Collectorvision Phoenix

What is it? It's a modern rendition of the classic Colecovision.  It has a cartridge port and will play all of the original cartridge games.  In addition, it has an SD card slot and can run Colecovision ROM files.  It also has an Atari 2600 core to run Atari ROMs.  Real Colecovision controllers work with it, and it also has a Super Nintendo socket to use a SNES gamepad.  And it has HDMI output for use on modern TV's.  It comes with the "super game module" built in -- so you can use the latest


RickR in System Reviews

AtariAge Day on ZeroPage Homebrew - May 1, 2021

In lieu of many retrogaming conventions already being canceled for 2021, the AtariAge booth will be going virtual this year with AtariAge Day presented by ZeroPage Homebrew! The AtariAge Day stream takes place this Saturday, May 1st, at 12PM PT/3PM ET/7PM GMT. AtariAge Day will be filled with unboxing every new AtariAge homebrew title and interviews with homebrew developers from around the world such as: John Champeau, developer of Avalanche (2600) & Zoo Keeper (2600) Lewis Hill, developer

AtariAge News Feed

AtariAge News Feed


😎I've never finished it but I played the original SHADOWMAN first on the N64 followed by the DREAMCAST then years later the PC version (from STEAM or GOG I cannot recall) of course, each version had some minor improved visuals but here I am again this time playing the recently released REMASTERED version on PC. It runs great and though still incredibly dated it's the best it's ever looked. I like the atmosphere and it's somewhat a guilty pleasure game for me like NIGHTMARE CREATURES etc. Here's


MaximumRD in Games I'm playing

EPISODE 15: Basketbrawl

PLAY EPISODE 15 HERE #PA2034, Published by Atari Corp.In this episode I cover one of several sports titles created for the Lynx, Basketbrawl, released for the Lynx in 1992. Included are statistics for the game and a run-down on how to play it, along with reviews and ratings, some fun facts and trivia, and some listener feedback about the game. BASKETBRAWL VITAL STATISTICS Release Date: Originally scheduled for release in December of 1991, according to this blurb on page 163 of the January 1991


PLAY EPISODE 14 HERE #LX102, Published by Telegames, Inc.In this episode I cover one of my favorite arcade games of the 1980s, QiX (pronounced "kicks"), released for the Lynx in 1991 by Telegames. I've got vital statistics about the game, along with gameplay, reviews and ratings, some fun facts and trivia, and some listener feedback about the game.QiX VITAL STATISTICS Release Date: October of 1991 by Telegames. Initial retail price: Unknown. Cartridge: Stereo curved lip-style cartridge of unkno

EPISODE 16: Robo-Squash

PLAY EPISODE 16 HERE #PA2035, Published by Atari Corp.In this episode Monty and I cover a "Zero-G Futuresport" game for the Lynx, Robo-Squash, set in either the 29th or 31st century and released for the Lynx in 1990. As Monty seems somewhat confused as to what the game of squash really is, I go about setting him straight. In the meantime, he and I provide statistics for Robo-Squash, as well as a run-down on how to play it. We also go over reviews and ratings for the game, some fun facts and tr

Retroist LaserDisc Podcast

The LaserDisc lasted for over two decades and was very influential on the optical formats that would follow in its footsteps. On this episode of the Retroist Podcast I discuss the LaserDisc from its inception to its demise just after the turn of the millennium.View the full article on the Retroist

No video but what an odd 7800 issue?

This might require its own thread but I actually was working on an NTSC 7800 that was eating my lunch most of the weekend. It was sent in for just a basic composite mod installed into it. When I used the diagnostic roms everything was fine with this 7800. But then not long after I got the composite board installed and tested it again, I noticed some odd flashing lines of colors across the screen. It seemed to do this badly on Dungeon Stalker and Ballblazer. In the case of both games, it would fl



One Man's Journey With The TI-99/4A (Part 2)

By the beginning of 2015, I had upgraded to a Lotharek HxC and an F18A, dropped on a Lantronix UDS-10 and started hitting Heatwave BBS... By the middle of 2015 I added a PS/2 keyboard, and an extra disk drive and WiFi capability to my UDS-10... Around the middle of 2016 I had a modem, which was not used much, and I think the HDX card (which has since been removed).  It was around this time that I obtained a TI compatible Wico trackball and customized it to match the TI.  I a

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