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  1. Whelp, time to dispose of the old VHS and tapes of old home movies! 😜😎

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    2. MaximumRD


      I think I will always keep 1 VCR, I don't know, I have this worry for some reason I will want to record on it specifically to create something with that VCR effect, though I plan to get rid of most tapes, which seems difficult here for some reason, I don't want to pay and I don't want to end up in landfill, not sure allowed to throw in garbage? Nobody seems to want to accept used recording tapes 😜But anyway, as I was saying, yeah keep one VCR and oddly I have a few multi-packs of UNUSED and SEALED Fuji and Maxwell tapes because they were left downstairs (we have an "area" downstairs where fellow residents just leave things they think others might want) so if I DO want to record something on VHS I have nice unused tapes. I am always torn letting things go but also can never resist items that meet two criteria 1. Free 2. New. 

    3. RickR


      I know those feelings so well!

      On the pre-recorded tapes, my local library took them to sell in their little store.  A thrift store took the sealed blank tapes.  And sadly, the tapes with my recordings on them all went in the trash (I did recycle the cardboard sleeves). 

      Funny story:  Just yesterday, my son was in a panic because the power cord to his laptop was broken.  No problem, I pulled out a shoebox full of power bricks and cords and found an exact match.  So it's good to keep some things sometimes, as long as there is room to store them.


    4. MaximumRD


      Yes! I LOVE that feeling, the SONY VAIO laptop I found, it is ancient and slow but beautiful, the only thing was, no PSU sitting in the electronics bin with it, no problem, I had one that I snagged ages ago, the exact spec model, I was pretty damn happy about that! 

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