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  1. It is funny how often I forget to fire up MAME to compare the arcade version of home ports, soooo many great arcade classics at our disposal in MAME. It is always interesting to see how different the original arcade version is since those were typically designed to challenge you to keep trying while consuming your coins and so home versions though maybe not always comparable graphically sometimes made up for it with additional features. I will definitely check out the link you mentioned. All these arcade games at my disposal, literally thousands so no matter how many times I fire it up even after all these years there is always something new to check out or great classics to re-experience. Puzzle, side scrolling shooters, racing, fighting, obscure Japanese and even clone and knock off games, though I COULD do without all the Mahjong titles I don't need. 😎
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    1. RickR


      I love MAME and all that it offers.  Yet I've always had a few favorites that I just can't get to work correctly (especially controls).  Examples:  Asteroids, PunchOut!, Defender.


    2. MaximumRD


      yeah works great with my xbox 360 controller but I have not been good configuring stuff like race games that require a wheel or paddle games etc. 


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