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  1. I found this Rick.  

    Armored Bullies (200 points each)
    Bullets cannot hurt them. Push them off the road by ramming their side. Best 
    if you ram their front wheel with your back wheel. They will try to do the 
    same to you. Oil and smoke can knock them off the road
    Description:Wide and fat
    Tireslasher (200 points)
    Can be shot by bullets or caused to veer off the road and die with oil and 
    smoke blasts. DO NOT let them get to your side, as they have tireslashers to 
    cause your tires to slash and spin off the road and crash.
    Description:Small and has white tireslashers sticking out where the hubcaps 
    are supposed to be.
    Limo (500 points)
    These guys will get to your side and shoot at you with a pistol. It doesn't 
    always hit, but if it does, you will get shot and spin off the road. Also use 
    oil and smoke on them if they are behind you.
    Description:Very long and has a pistol pointing out the window at you usually
    Helicopter (700 points)
    Will drop bombs on the road. They will produce craters which can destroy you 
    if you drive over it.
    Description:A white helicopter 
    Stop in the road and line yoruself up with the helicopter and it won't drop 
    bombs...Then release a missile if you got one. Otherwise, just keep going and 
    dodge the bombs and their resulting craters.
    Crater:A large hole in the road made by the bombs. These will cause you to 
    fall in and crash.
    Description:A small hole in the road about 1/4 the size of your car
    Boathouse:Eventually you will see one of these near a lone bridge. Drive into 
    Description:A building next to the river that is about 4 1/2 times wider than 
    your car
    Torpedo Tube boat (200 points):Releases Torpedo tubes, or the water eqivalent 
    of a land mine...DO NOT carelessly tailgate it.. Bullets can kill it.
    Description:A large blue boat that travels rather slowly dropping Torpedo 
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