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  1. atarilbc

    New (to me) Car

    When I was out of town for the holidays, I left my car parked with my soon to be ex-wife at the house. Living downtown now, I can't leave it in the same space for more than a day or two. I figure, I still own (and pay for) the driveway, right? She drove it and parked it overnight at a Christmas party where it got sideswiped. The driver didn't leave a note so I had to make a claim under insurance. If it were a normal car, it would've been a fix of about $4,000, but because it was an EV (a LEAF) there are special battery handling requirements that made it a total loss. I was shocked, frankly. So I went a month without a car. I live close to work and bike a lot so it wasn't horrible but getting across town on transit or out to LA or Orange County was a pain. And then there's the rain. So last weekend, after 8 years of driving a zero emission vehicle, I returned to the dark side of fossil fuel with this gently used MINI Cooper S 4-door. The MINI has 189HP and was the closest thing I could find with the zippiness and immediacy of an EV. I will really have to watch my speed though as I keep blowing past 80 without feeling it. They actually have a "speed warning" that you can set to your MPH of choice. It's currently on 90. 😂😂😂 Anyway, a week in and I'm really loving it. It's decidedly retro with chrome toggle switches everywhere and bonnet stripes. It has super tight handling and is a dream on the freeway. It might be too much fun, really. Aside from the red, it's not exactly a midlife crisis car but it's as close as I am likely to get.
  2. atarilbc

    New Gaming Rig

    I finally got a TV stand for my new place and hooked up some of my favorite consoles: a PS4 Pro, AVS, Saturn, Jaguar and 2600. I'm running the classic consoles through a RetroTINK to a 49" Samsung 4K HDR TV. It looks amazing! I did have my 7800 hooked up but the RetroTINK and the LHE mod don't seem to get along too well. After about 20 minutes, I started getting really weird interference. The LHE mod is temperamental so I'm going to try a simple modded 7800 eventually. Anyway, here are a few pictures. The screenshots are from my phone and do not do the picture justice. I also wanted to show my attempt at cable management to get everything off the floor. Because this TV stand has tall legs, it looked really messy at first. I even grabbed a wooden box for the power strips and bricks.
  3. atarilbc


    Finally getting my place together. I actually have some furniture now! I got my first peice of art for the place today and I'm stoked on that. I am starting from scratch so I have no one to blame for my horrible taste but myself! Still on track to my weight loss goal. I hit a number I haven't seen since 2011. Oh, and I went on my first date in 15 years. It's a brave new world in that regard. Gaming-wise, my Retrotink came last week, as did my TV stand, so tonight I hooked up an S-video modded 7800, Saturn and Jag to my 49" 4K Samung (NU8000). It is incredible. The picture is fantastic; much better than I expected with no perceptible lag. I played Darius Gaiden (SAT), Zero 5 (JAG) and b*nQ (7800). For $100, you couldn't ask for more. I'll do some kinda write-up on a dedicated thread when I really have time to dig in. The pic is from the ridiculous lionhead knocker on the door of my unit. I'm growing to like it.
  4. atarilbc


    I appreciate all of the support. I know things could be a lot worse and there are a lot of positives. I'm just throwing myself into my work, getting back in shape (20 down, 15 lbs to goal!), playing guitar and reconnecting with friends. Oddly, my twenty year-old daughter and I haven't been this close since she was a pre-teen. It's been cool to spend time together. I went back to my hometown of Columbus, OH over the holidays and it was just the recharge that I needed. It can only get better from here. A quick retro gaming story from my trip. My buddy of 28 years took me to a barcade in north Columbus for some pinball and games. We went to a Ms. Pac-man and about 8 minutes in to my play, he was like "I mean, I know you are into this stuff but I didn't know you were this good. Do you think that you'd die before I can grab us another round?" LOL! Even with the blue "Tron" concoctions I was drinking I left with the high score. It wasn't terribly high; I think they must turn off the machines. I'll take it anyway. 😂 @RickR has it right; its sunrise in Long Beach, CA. Also known as "The LBC." As in, "atariLBC." I moved here in my early twenties and it's truly home now. Again, thanks everyone and I hope each of you had a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  5. atarilbc


    I have been MIA lately due to some major life changes. My wife and I are separating after 15 years and I just recently moved on my own. This all came as a shock to me. I also took on a promotion at work in late August. Between everything going on I've taken a break from gaming to reflect and heal. I'm in a studio loft downtown, so I'm a bit space challenged and will probably not have a rig for awhile. The new TV doesn't have inputs for legacy connections so I'll be getting a Retrotink for composite and S Video. Will post my rig when it's setup. The one thing I'm really pumped on is the loft (space aside). I can now walk to work and I have some pretty amazing views. I didn't ask for a midlife crises but I'm trying to make the most of it. Wanted to share this sunrise photo from this morning. Happy holidays to the Atari.io community! I'll see you in 2019!
  6. I did not have a 7800, 5200 or O2 growing up. Although I played all three BITD, I didn't personally own them until I got into classic gaming. Technically speaking, I had a Gemini when I was a kid so I guess you can add the 2600 to that list too... I got my first 7800 at a thrift store in the late 90s. It was mainly to play my old 2600 games. I really got into it about 7 years ago. The homebrews and arcade ports are just great. I picked up a 5200 just a few years ago. I had an XEGS as a kid and I never really saw much of a difference. Plus, the XEGS is fully compatible with almost all A8 games and accessories and has a working controller. I picked the 5200 up after deciding to complete my Atari console collection. I got a great deal on an O2 a few years back. My late cousin had one when we were kids so I got I couldn't pass it up. All of the other retro consoles that I own are ones I had when they were being supported.
  7. There was an exciting post today over on the Atari Jaguar Facebook page. Apparently, some folks are working on a reproduction of the Jaguar ProController. If you're a Jaguar fan, you know that the ProController vastly improves on the original Jaguar controller in terms of feel and function. Many of the late releases (1995 and beyond) have ProController support that enhances gameplay. Unfortunately, these controllers regularly exceed $200 on eBay, making them out of reach for many gamers. The reproductions will reportedly cost $50-60. They are asking for an interest check now but I'm hopeful that this comes to fruition. Maybe Clint can confirm and provide more information?
  8. Nice, BTB! I really like the live play! A llittle harsh on HV:UL. I'm curious, did you turn off the hovercraft settings? I always thought the game played better with slightly less bounce. HV:UL is an interesting addition to the Jaguar CD as it was essentially Leonard's attempt to show the world that the Jaguar could pull off a fully texture mapped game as well as the 3DO. In my view, it falls behind Battlemorph and I-War in the Jaguar's robust "tank game" category. Still, it's somewhat enjoyable and much better than the cart. Of course Skyhammer sets the bar for texture mapped Jaguar games. Looking forward to more live play videos in the future!
  9. atarilbc

    Baby Pac Man for Atari 7800

    I've always thought that Baby Pac could make a great port if you had a decent video pinball element. Like the top screen is the pinball playfield and the bottom screen is the maze. I'd love to see someone like PacManPlus make the attempt.
  10. atarilbc

    Tempest 2000 - Atari Jaguar

    Tempest 2000 Atari Jaguar Difficulty: Default High Score: 473,815 October 15, 2015 Notes: So pumped to see a Jaguar game on the scoreboard! This was a score from back in October. Played with a pro-controller. I'll breakout the game again next week after my final and provide a fresh score.