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  1. Thanks. Although, I guess staying in the air didn't hurt my score!
  2. Also, if anyone else happens to have the Jaguar CD version, you might be interested in comparing and contrasting the two. The Lynx version is generally held up to be superior but the Jaguar remake definitely adds a lot of depth, features and variety to the original template. Not to mention a shredding metal soundtrack!
  3. 128,400. What is with the dogfight at the end of the third mission? I felt like it went on forever.
  4. No 32x or Sega CD? No deal!
  5. Hilariously, I ended up playing Blue Lightning on Jag CD for the rest of the night. That game is underrated!
  6. Great post! You can't really go wrong with the core 7800 arcade conversions. All of them are fantastic in my opinion and make the 7800 worth owning. I happen to really enjoy Joust, DK, DK Jr. & Mario Bros. in addition to the ones that you've named. Ballblazer is just amazing with a second player. It's stunning, really. It would definitely make the list. These days many of my favorite 7800 games are homebrews. My top game on the system is probably either Jr. Pac-Man or b*nQ. I also really like DK PK, Space Invaders and Moon Cresta. I can't wait until Baby Pac-Man gets released. I missed the list. It looks great!
  7. I forgot how quickly this ramps up. Here's one for the board: 73,600. Going to try and post a few more by the end of the week. Next week will be a wash for gaming.
  8. @Atari Creep , Blue Lightning is more of an arcade style flight game than a flight sim. Think Afterburner (arcade) or Top Gun (NES). It is a decent handheld game and a very good early Lynx game. Blue Lightning was so well regarded that Atari remade the game six years later on the Jaguar CD. I actually really like that version but it has mixed reviews. I hope you enjoy Blue Lightning on the Lynx and post some impressions in a video!
  9. Any tips on defeating Black Turtle? I get to the chopper with around 150K consistently and then die as soon as those guys start bouncing around.
  10. So the divorce was finalized last month. The last few weeks I've been spending my off hours getting ready to list our house. I haven't lived there for six months and there are some things that need to be addressed before the listing. I'm hoping for a quick sale so that I can close the book on this chapter. Onward and upward!
  11. Is it too early to call this challenge? Epic score!
  12. In terms of the home market, I think that the Atari of 1989 should have stuck with the 7800; enhancing games through the carts and releasing the game pad that was available in Europe to U.S. customers. Splitting their marketing and development dollars between the 2600 Jr., 7800 and XEGS made little sense. Outside of sound, the 7800 was superior to the A8 and held it's own compared to the NES and SMS. In 1989, the A8 tech was more than a decade old. It was not something that should have been invested in. In terms of the XEGS - while that would have been great in 1982 - by the time they released it and the budget XE line - it wasn't compelling. And I say this as a kid who got one at 10 years old and has a lot of love for the system. Had Atari Corps been savvy, they might have consolized the ST and beat Sega and Nintendo to 16-bit; complete with a library of incredible games. That's something I could get behind.
  13. #LunchtimeUnwind. I didn't get as far but I did better in the bonus rounds. New score: 157,450
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