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  1. The Last Starfighter, Cloak & Dagger, Wargames, Big Trouble in Little China (good call Rick!), North Shore.
  2. Here's one of my favorites. A custom Space Rocks Starplex controller.
  3. Of the controllers I tried out, here is my ranking from worse to best: 1. CX-24 2. CX-78 3. CX-40 4. My DIY arcade stick 5. Hyperkin Ranger 6. Robotron 2084 Dual Pad 7. Hyperkin Trooper 8. Coleco Gemini Dual Command I should note, all controllers performed reasonably well except for the CX-24. I'm continually impressed with the Hyperkin Trooper and Ranger. You honesty can't go wrong with either of these for a modern replacement. Also, the Robotron pad is great, but a bit heavy if you don't need the second pad due to the extra cable. I'd consider the single pad version. The Coleco Gemini Dual Command was the most consistent performer. It's also the controller I grew up with, having had a Gemini. That may have something to do with my ranking but it really did feel great despite being about 37 years old.
  4. Decided to do a controller smack down this weekend. It's been a hot minute since I've played any games so I thought I'd break out a few of my favorites and play them with different controllers. Should be fun!
  5. Hi Shinto, I reviewed Super Burnout in a Member Blog post here at Atari.io some time ago. Here are my thoughts from that post. "Super Burnout is a solid if somewhat shallow racer. The game looks good, sounds good and controls well but it is otherwise very straightforward. Arcade-style time challenges, checkpoints and bike customization/upgrades may have done more to flesh out the game. As a technical achievement and an example of how the Jaguar handles 2D, Super Burnout is a showpiece. It's arguably the best racer on the system and is enjoyable in both single-player or versus mode. I hesitate to call it a "must-have" but if you like sport bikes and racing games, it's well worth your time." Thanks for reading!
  6. Still in Progress - 20,010,600 I got home from TG and put another 10M on the odometer. I think I'm going to call it. It takes about 2.5 "levels" to tick up 100K and about half an hour to get 5M. Apparently the game goes to just over 100M. I do not have 8 more hours of this in me. 😂😂😂
  7. @RadioPoultry - I was hoping it would roll at 10M too! That's why I grabbed my phone to record. Lol! I'm happy to call it a draw if you are? @Justin, proposing a Level 125, 10M+ "winners tier." 😜
  8. IN PROGRESS Paused at 10,017,500 Apparently, the last level is 125. I had a breakthrough in my play strategy so I'm going to see how far I can get. At this point, I'm not really dying so it's all stamina and not making stupid mistakes. I have no idea how many extra lives I have as it only displays the first 6. I'm hoping my 31 year old console and PSU hold out while paused for the holiday. 😂
  9. BTW - I'm playing this on the 16-in-1 Multicart put out in 2014 for the 30th Anniversary of the initial run of the 7800 ProSystem. It was a forums sign up that CPUWIZ did. They also did a second 8-in-1 and Bob Decrescenzo Collection (pictures). Anyone else here have these?
  10. 1,775,400 at level 76. Switched out to my Hyperkin Trooper joystick.
  11. Thanks, @Atari Creep - this was not in my radar either. The Amazon listing says that multiplayer is possible through an adapter. My guess is this is something similar to the adapter used for the Coleco Gemini controllers. I like the Hyperkin Trooper and the styling on this makes me think of Three's Company for some reason. Went ahead and place a pre-order for a set.
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    Glad they went to a good home @RickR! Enjoy!
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    Sorry, didn't see this. Sent them to @RickR
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