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A little late, but have some Atari Christmas commercials!


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I remember seeing the ET Christmas commercial and begging my parents for the game. Didn't get it till they were reduced, but that was one commercial I will never forget.


I remember that commercial well.  I think it aired during either Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph CBS specials in my area.  I know it was one of those but I don't remember which one.  And I still say that the E.T. game, just like the 5200, got bad reps that neither one really deserved.

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Agreed, I remember going over to my cousin's house and playing it for the first time. It was hard, but I watched my sister and cousins beat the game. Of course by that time the game was on sale because of poor sales and my dad got it for us. My father always got us video games, my mom was not impressed by them, and actually talked about how stupid they were to her. Well, needless to say she lost out on that battle. We got lots of games.

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Oh man santa is lovin that pole position


Yea...and it's the 5200 controller he's holding, too ;)  That's why so many 5200's had faulty controllers...Santa played them to death before kids woke up the next morning.  I guess by the time Santa dropped one off at my house he was too tired to play.



Meier & Frank was based here in Portland.  And I assure you, they had the most awesome toy dept at Christmas.  All decorated, with trains and such on display.  And they sold ONLY Atari.  No Intellivision, no Commodore.  Atari only. 


My area had a store called Magic Mart that would go all out on decorating for the holidays.  Garland, lights, really huge ornaments, music, and a tree larger than any I've seen inside a store all decked out and decorated.  They would bring in a real tree every year until they were bought out by Alco in the late 1980s.  It's sad to know that that way of celebrating Christmas has stopped.  I'd love to see stores, for one year, forget about their finances and woes and decorate like the stores use to do when I was a kid.  Sadly, I believe the magic of Christmas is slowly disappearing. 


We had one store called Otasco that only sold Atari as well.  

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