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5 Ways to Restore Your Love of Video Games


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Not my video but thought I would share as I, as I am sure some of you have gone through a period here or there over the years where you might have lost some of your gaming passion for whatever reason. Now I don't see myself ever falling out of love with gaming and pretty sure a controller will have to be pried out of my cold dead hands but I would be lying if I said I haven't had times where I go through  "meh" moments where I find myself not as interested or enchanted with my favorite hobby for whatever reason and I thought this video makes some good points. HOW ABOUT YOU? Ever go through a gaming funk? What have you done to snap out of it? 



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yep, all the time.  While I like the shenanigans of the Angry Video Game Nerd and others that like to Rip on the old games for comedic effect (which I appreciate and it does make me laugh!)  all the negativity kind of bums me out.  I tend to try and find the good in all games (which can be challenging at times)  Not everything is going to be top shelf, you have the good with the bad :)


When I am in a low time I find talking with some of my other RetroHeads helps me get out of my funk :) (and playing lots and lots of Galaga90 and T2K :P)  Its a great community out there!  I am new to AtariIO (found out about it via Phil the No Swear Gamer) and so far have been enjoying my time on these forums :)

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Well...when I hit a funk I usually try to find some sort of game I have had no knowledge of over at Atari Mania for my XL.  The games I find I like I try to hunt down in CIB form outside of the likes of E-Bay.  Sadly, I'm a bit late in my discoveries as most of the games I find I would like to have are hard to find.


I have been in a bit of a one-way track, so to speak, wanting to track down games by MicroProse for the Atari 8-bits.  My first encounter with MicroProse was with my first PC...a 386 machine and a game called LightSpeed.  I never figured the game out but I loved how smooth the animation was.  Sounds were pretty good, too.  Then I discovered Railroad Tycoon and that was it...I knew after that when I seen MicroProse on the box the game would be good.  Maybe not spectacular or anything but it wouldn't suck.  I wasn't into flying games then so I completely missed out on the flight sim games MicroProse and other developers made.  I got Top Gunner for my 8-bit and now I'm hooked.  I'm wanting more...More...MORE!!!  But the supply is simply not there or really low on choices.  


So, when I get in a funk I will turn on a game that has a demonstration or two like Ms. Pac-Man or something and watch it while I think of a few games I'd like to pick up next.  Once I have a list (I actually have a notebook with a few pages filled :) ) I start hunting down games on the web to get prices.  If I can't find a game NIB I then try looking for used copies.  I have been picky lately about my games being complete in the boxes because I'm also after the artwork.  But I have learned that used copies are most likely going to be my only option if I can find them at all.  It's one of those things where I wish I had held on to the video game systems and games I found at yard sales $5 here, $10 there because I at the time they were almost a common find at every yard sale.  Who knew?


On a final note, one of the ways I have discovered that helps me get out of my funk is to sit and play around with programming or designing a game.  I am constantly learning assembly language and toying around with Atari BASIC as well.  If none of those are going for me I will dig into DarkBASIC or FPS Creator.  There are somethings I have seen made on the Atari 8-bits that is really impressive.  It has also sparked ideas to try with modern console games being a huge part of the ideas I have.  I very much would like to see these ideas see the light of day for others to enjoy someday.


That's what keeps me gaming.

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