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resident evil chainsaw controller


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Ok so i was putting away the winter coats when i stumbled upon my old gamecube controller. I remember buying this new and was persuaded into buying this by a gamestop employee telling me that when you get the chainsaw in the game the controller feels just like a real chainsaw.


But after beating the game i found out that you never actually get a chainsaw in the game and i just bought a $75 uncomfortable controller.


But now that i look at it im glad i bought it.

Anyone ever own one of these? I know they also made one for the ps2. That one was shinny chrome.




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Wow, Lost Dragon...I have a lot of respect for what you are doing.  Letting go of "stuff" is a step to enlightenment.  I've been trying to do the same, but not really that successful with my old video games. 


But books, magazines, trinkets, PC games....I've been making progress on getting all of those out. 

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Sounds great.


Those Tomytronic 3D handhelds are of particular interest to me.  I think I'm the only fellow in N. America who actually loves the Nintendo Virtual Boy, and the Tomytronic's remind me a lot of that fabulous system. 


NeoGeo Pocket would be really cool too...I've never even seen one of those in real life.  Really, anything you have will be treasured here.  And honestly, I understand if you change your mind or want to give to others too. 


I just found a good retro gaming club here in my town, and my plan is to take some of these treasures of mine in to share and see what I can learn from the other knowledgeable folks there.  Was going to start with my current handheld collection, which is already pretty extensive.  My favorites are the really old mechanical Tomy units.

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A friend of the family's 5 year old was diagnosed with cancer last year the only memories i had if him was when he was at the hospital playing mario kart 64 for hours on end. He was a sweet kid and i miss him. I was starting to show him some NES games and he seemed really excited

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Inspiring.  I've been culling my collection too.  Anything not actually played or cherished is going away.  Thanks for the push. 


Ditto. I looked at my NES collection & realized I had a large selection of games that not only have I never played, but barely heard of. They have no value to me. I'm more of a sentimental guy, wistful for those halcyon days of youth when I would waste days upon days playing games. (Compared to my days of now, where I waste night upon night playing games)


That's why my trade list is growing. That & the fact I may be moving later this year, I'd rather these games go to others who will enjoy them.

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The NeoGeo Pocket Color was new in the box, and it is AWESOME.  A very nice system, one of the nicer handheld systems I've ever played.  I've been having a lot of fun with this over the past few days. 


A special thanks to Lost Dragon.  I promise you these games will all be played and loved.




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Just reading through this topic and in my opinion takes a special type of generosity to have the ability to do something like this and bring joy to those that will appreciate the gifts, lost Dragon has been both an outstanding companion of mine during our time on the St gamer and Atari gamer magazine series and just wanted to say exclusively "Thank You" to him, I hope that our friendship will continue to carry on well after the point of leaving the retro community and look to what lies ahead.


As I'm sure the people here will agree, your actually a tower of inspiration of what a community friendship is all about and generous unbiased and genuine person you are and have always been. So people who have received your gifts remember that sentiment.


Take care.



Unofficial Atari: a Visual History



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