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PS2 officially dead today


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The PlayStation 2 Officially Dies Today

3/31/2016 1:43:37 PM - Daniel Dunlap


On March 19th, 2015, Square Enix announced that the servers for Final Fantasy XI would be terminated for good today, March 31st, 2016, on both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 consoles. We expect the Xbox 360 will still support online play for its games for a good while longer, but this marks the end of an era for the PlayStation 2. 

At this point, you might be scratching your head, wondering if we meant to say the "PlayStation 3." Nope, we mean Sony's second console. Final Fantasy XI was the last supported game on the platform in terms of online functionality. It's hard to believe that it's currently 2016 and the console has still been supported since its release on March 4th, 2000 in the United States and the game's release way back in March of 2004. (A long 12-year run.)

We suppose if you want to, you can crack the console out before the end of today for one last stroll down memory lane before it's gone forever. What a console it has been! If you still want to get in on some Final Fantasy XI action, the PC version will still be trucking along for a bit longer.



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I still own an original and slim (slim has modchip and boots everything :D ) MY origianl Phat model even has a fliptop lid for using SwapMagic discs. Played the hell out of PS2, more alive to me than any modern console lol. I suspect I will have them as long as they work.

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Wow!  I thought it died off a few years ago.  And I never knew it had online gaming abilities.  Who knew?  It really had a long run.  Longer than I expected.  And I still find it hard to believe that people got shot over this console.  It's true!  There was person in Berryville, Arkansas get shot over the PS2 they bought on its initial release.  I have no clue if the person died or not but it was printed in my hometown's local newspaper about them getting shot over the console.  


I still have a slim model and looking for a Phat model.  The first PS2 I had before got more attention than any other console we had at the time.  Why did I get one?  Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec.  Being a fan of the franchise since the original installment on the PSOne I stuck with the series and waited for GT3 to hit the PS2.  Once it did I saved my money, worked lots of overtime, just to get the PS2 and GT3.  I never turned the system off until I got a memory card.  It was money well spent in my opinion.  


I can't say I have many memories of the system because I didn't have a lot of games for it.  Jak & Daxter, Final Fantasy X (great ending BTW), GT3, GT4, Pac-Man World 2, and a few budget titles were the extent of my PS2 experience.  I now have those along with Pinball Hall of Fame, Jak & Daxter 2 and 3, Ford Racing 2 (also on XBOX), Tokyo Xtreme Racer (2 & 3) are in my collection now.  I said TXR 2 because it basically is a port of TXR 2 for the Dreamcast.  It's a good console but it wasn't my favorite of the console wars it was a part of.  The original XBOX won that arena easily...but it doesn't mean I didn't like the PS2.  I need to pick up more games for the PS2 to see what all was done for it.  


Rest in Peace PS2...it's been a great ride!

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The PS2 is where I started my online gaming and reinvigorated my love for games. A couple of buddies talked me into picking up SOCOM 2 and an obsession began that continues to this day.


We've played a lot of FPS' over the years (currently SW Battlefront) but as much as we loved COD Modern Warfare & Black Ops 2, nothing has come close to recapturing the magic of SOCOM.

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