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Hi from Italy


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Hi ,i'm Litoskin from Italy ,i'm a jaguar user since day one ,  i have 42 years and i live in Italy.

i was a user in many atari related forums. I own videogame and retrogame shop since 22 years and since the beginning  ,i have started selling atari and jaguar items. i'm the organizer of the italian jagfest and i have been in different jagfest around Europe in the past years.

i collect jaguar and atari stuff. i have all jaguar official released games and a large quantity of post Atari releases ,i collect also lynx ,atari 2600,7800,5200,ST and Falcon hardware e software.

if some of you is interested in coming to Italy to see one of our events or just see what we have there check this youtube link:

i hope to see some of you soon ...

i have some Atari stuff but i'm always looking of interesting things especially i'm looking for a jaguar denim jacket.if some of you has one for sale or knows were i can find one please contact me.



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