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LimaTek 1 - A 'NEW' Pong Machine


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Hello Folks!
My name is Frank, I'm new to these forums and I'm an embedded software engineer / computer engineer, so you bet I love to build stuff!
I decided to design, build and code my own pong machine from the ground up.  I studied the Atari 2600 and the like for over 6 months and began construction...
I designed the main board to be cost effective and utilizes an 8-bit CPU (True 8-bit pong, none of this 'emulated' stuff!) the board is completely interrupt driven

First prototype board

The board allows for only black and white images at this point, and works mainly with NTSC and PAL (composite video).  It also allows for single track audio sounds (your simple 'beeps' and 'boops' no multi channel ...yet ;) )
After the board was constructed, I decided to move forward and construct the outside.  The entire pong machine chassis is wood and metal, as well as the controller

First Prototype Enclosure


The controller uses a 10k potentiometer tied directly to the 5v and analog input interrupt in the main 8-bit microcontroller so controls respond quickly!  There is a fire button (soon to be two) for extra capability for future games like Asteroids and Space Invaders clones!

The day it was finished, I grabbed an older TV and debut it at my work place, people loved it! They lined up to play it during their lunch breaks!

If You Build It, They Will Come

Machine Out In The Wild



I decided to call the Pong Machine the 'LimaTek 1'.  This is just the beginning for this project, as I would like to grow it more and find an audience for this great little side project.  As time goes on, I would eventually like to make more of these units and maybe even sell kits for hobbyists to build artisanal systems for people.  Maybe even a Kickstarter - who knows! I would love to get your opinions on this and where I could potentially steer this project.  What do you think?


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I think you are on the right track.  Looks awesome to me.  Keep it simple and priced low is all the advice I would give.  And PS -- WELCOME to the forums!

Thank you RickR! I'm happy to be a part of the community!

And thank you for your input! Yeah cost is definitely in the forefront of my mind when I was putting this together.  It can also take different firmware, so when I complete coding other clones like Space Invaders, Asteroids and the rest, I can load it onto the board.  The bootloader is already in place (Note the pins on the board).

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Hiya Frank,


A very warm welcome to the forum/this wonderful community.


Huge thanks for sharing details of your awesome project with us, it looks fantastic.


Hope to hear a lot more on it and from your goodself in due course.

Thanks Lost Dragon!


I'm currently putting together the website and facebook pages on my free time.  I want to record a video of it in action soon.

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That PONG is awesome!!  I'd buy one!

Thanks :D

I'll be posting more updates soon on the LimaTek 1 units, websites and more soon.  Hopefully maybe even take orders in the near future!


Thank you all for your wonderful comments, I had no idea I would have received such positive support over this project.  

You guys rock!

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Hey guys! 


So here's a new post, check it out!

polarizur boxart

This is an example box art of the Pong Machine, LimaTek 1.  It will be tentatively named 'Polarizur'.  Some of the box art has placeholder art for now.


The game is a two player pong-like game on steroids! (Huge thanks to RickR during the Atari Chat!)

The speeds are adjustable and instead of just bouncing the ball off of the paddles, you must time your attack for your opponent and 'swing' each paddle at the right time and depending on the swing, it determines both your trajectory and velocity and the game has TONS of powerups for you and against the opponent!


Here goes!

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I like it 


the font , the color , the graphic , the dents ... (prolly wanna ship without the dents)


... it does look like an Atari cartridge box though , I don't know if some added text would help state it's a dedicated console.


Thanks Chas10e!

Good point, it is a dedicated system so I may have to make it more clear.  I was planning to have these as either cards or something close to that for a shipped unit, still playing with the idea.  Thank you for the input! 

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