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K.C. Munchkin & Astro Blaster on 7800!

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I'm a big fan of Bob DeCrescenzo's work on the 7800 and I couldn't wait to get his newest homebrews: Astros Blaster and K.C. Munchkin!


K.C. Munchkin! is a port of the (in)famous Odyssey 2 game. It has updated sprites and plays exactly like the O2 classic. It's really fun playing this on an Atari machine. Atari shouldn't have sued Magnavox, they should have hired them to program Pac-Man.


Astro Blaster is an arcade perfect port of the classic Gremlin/Sega space shooter. If you like Activison's Megamania, you'll love this version of the game that inspired it.


Both games are available at the Atari Age store. http://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_list&c=new


Check them out!



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I'm a HUGE fan of Bob's work too! As always, he did an incredible job with these. He recently joined the forums, I'm excited to see what he'll come up with next. He also lives in the same town as I do, I'd love to catch up with him sometime.


Odyssey 2 ports especially if enhanced seems like a great idea!


I agree entirely. There are a few Odyssey 2 games that really shined, I'm glad to see Bob's awesome version of KC Munchkin. He's obviously talented, and has used the strengths of the 7800 to port games like Space Invaders and Moon Cresta in ways that are just absolutely arcade-perfect. 

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